Vote For Your Favourite Community Created New Reno Cards!

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created New Reno Cards!

It's that time again - time to vote for a winner in our weekly card design competition!

The theme of the this week's competition was simple; Since Reno Jackson is leaving poor Standard all alone, we went full Reno and designed potential replacements to keep our beloved Standard happy.

This Week's Finalists

We had 190 valid entries in this week's competition but only 22 have made it to the top! As usual, you can cast your vote in the voting thread and check out any tokens that cards may use.

by pui980178

by Tomas13CZ

by Lintu107

by AngryChicken

by Murozond_18

by Lathy

by SolutionXD

by Zanywoop

by AUzg

by crasyherbz

by ZorkKnight

by Crucinel


by Turkeybag

by UniverseStarDonkey

by LeeroyJerkins

by Rhadan

by Grazle

by Enselt

by Adsith

by nobravery

by RedneckBudha (Wild Card)

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