China vs North America Challenge Tournament - January 16-22

China vs North America Challenge Tournament - January 16-22

Starting January 16th at 5am EST / 11am CEST and lasting until January 22nd Blizzard and NetEase present the third China vs North America Hearthstone Challenge tournament.

Featuring a 'Team Format', players from the opposing regions will battle it out in three rounds to decide which one is superior. After losing the two previous iterations of the tournament, the Chinese players carry a heavy burden to to try and redeem themselves this time around.

Format and Prize Pool

The tournament will follow a 'Team Format' where the five Chinese players will each face all five North American players throughout three rounds. There are individual prizes for each round as well as bonus prizes to be won by beating 2 or more opponents in a single round.

Round 1

January 16 - 17
Best of 5 Conquest, 1 Ban
Winner of Round 1 takes home ¥150.000 (~ $21.500 USD)

Round 2

January 18 - 19
Best of 5 Last Hero Standing, 1 Ban
Winner of Round 2 takes home ¥150.000 (~ $21.500 USD)

Round 3

January 21 - 22
Best of 7 Conquest, 1 Ban
Winner of Round 3 takes home ¥300.000 (~ $43.000 USD)

Bonus Prizes

On top of the above prizes, players will be able to take home a bonus prize for beating two or more players in the same round ranging from ¥5000 (~ $725 USD) to ¥50.000 (~ $7250 USD).


Representing China will be all-star JasonZhou as well as the four players that recently qualified for the HCT Winter Championship via the Chinese Gold Series. OmegaZero, WeXHope, Lovelychook and Lvge. For North America the players that were invited are Chakki, Reynad, Fr0zen, Cydonia and Chinese fan favorite, Dog.







North America






Where To Watch

The tournament will be streamed in English on Firebat's Twitch channel, starting at 5am EST / 11am CEST on January 16th.


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