The Dark Wanderer Reflections - Looking Back on the Latest Tavern Brawl

The Dark Wanderer Reflections - Looking Back on the Latest Tavern Brawl

Blizzard recognized the 20th anniversary of Diablo in pretty big ways this year, and the celebration wasn't confined to just the Diablo series itself. Hearthstone gamers got to join the party when the most recent weekly Tavern Brawl got a demonic makeover. The Dark Wanderer, the main meddler of Diablo II, took a stop in the inn to court the powers of evil with a deck of cards. The ensuing event was one of the most unique and interesting Brawls to date.

Now that the Tavern Brawl has ended, it's time for a little reflection. From the poll on the Forums, the HearthPwn community gave the Brawl a 3.9 in Awesomeness, a 3.1 in Replayability, and a 3.3 in Balance. But how did the pros feel about it?

Some of Hearthstone's biggest stars sat down with the new mode to see what's what, and the below is a small sampling from some of the best. Were you left wanting more, like Krip? Or were you like Amaz, and just left confused by the whole ordeal?

Disguised Toast

Did you reveal all of the Dark Wanderer's 10 secrets during the Tavern Brawl? Toast's breakdown of the event is as comprehensive as it gets, and it includes all the secrets, an optimal deck list, and the strategies he used to beat the NPC. From the number of cow-related puns in the video, it's clear that Toast found this Brawl quite a-moo-sing. 



Though he found the Tavern Brawl to be interesting and high quality, Krip wasn't a fan of its replayablity. "It felt like a fairly mediocre PvE encounter as part of an adventure," he said in his video about the subject. 



Maybe the most well-known Hearthstone player on the internet, Trump walked into the Dark Wanderer blind, and he was taken by surprise in the cow dimension phase of the Brawl. After taking an initial trampling by the hellish herd, he eventually gained the upper hoof. "That's kind of cool," Trump shrugged after receiving the special card back. While the event was clearly unique, it didn't seem to rank high on Trump's Awesomeness scale.



NRG's Amaz needed a couple of takes before understanding the secrets of The Dark Wanderer. Even then, the presence of the Cow King provided him with many more questions than answers. He did stumble across one of the more interesting secrets within this special event; if you gain possession of the Enigmatic Portal before it triggers, you will be the one to transform into The Cow King! Overall, it seemed like Amaz was left wanting more from the Tavern Brawl.

Now, we want to hear from you. How did you enjoy this unique Tavern Brawl? Let us know in the comments below.

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