Matt Place on Gadgetzan, Kazakus, Priest, Opponent Interaction, Heroic Brawl

Matt Place on Gadgetzan, Kazakus, Priest, Opponent Interaction, Heroic Brawl

Legend Of The Innkeeper had a chance to chat with Senior Game Designer, Matt Place, about Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. We've recapped the podcast interview below. You can listen and find a full transcript on the LOTI website.

Quote from Matt Place

  • Initially the set was going to be cops and robbers themed, but it ended up evolving into just the robbers.
  • There are 3 crime families because you can divide it evenly among the 9 classes.
  • They don't have any plans to announce more tri-class cards, but aren't against the idea.
  • Matt's favourite card in the set is Kazakus.
  • Kazakus was conceived when a designer asked the question "what if players could make their own card".
  • Peter Whalen was responsible for exploring and figuring out ways Kazakus could be implemented.
  • It's possible Kazakus-like cards could appear in the future, they just need to make sense.
  • Going into the set they had a focus on giving Priest potent cards, but cards that all had different options.
  • Secrets are a great way of interacting with your opponent on their turn and maybe cards in your hand that watch for certain things could be as well. They're talking about different ideas.
  • Matt believes Heroic Tavern Brawl to be a great success.
  • They don't know what they're going to do with Heroic Brawl right yet, but they'll figure it out.
  • Patches the Pirate has tried to show up in a few sets post Grand Tournament but finally felt right for Mean Streets.


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