Kripparrian Could Have Killed Hearthstone.. By Disenchanting Dupes

Kripparrian Could Have Killed Hearthstone.. By Disenchanting Dupes

Our friendly neighbourhood Ben Brode was out on a stroll this evening on reddit and let us in on an interesting bit of knowledge.

Kripparrian could have killed the Hearthstone servers!

How so? Apparently when you have as many cards to disenchant as Kripp, more on that in a moment, the servers simply would not have been able to handle it. Ben Brode says they're probably okay now though since TGT, when the engineers did some fun stuff with pixies and magic.

Quote from Ben Brode
There was a point in time (pre-TGT?) when, if he had hit the button, he would have brought down Hearthstone.

Thanks to the hard work of our engineers, we are probably ok now.

fingers crossed

Why Does Kripparrian Have So Many Dupes?

Kripparrian has amassed a crazy collection of duplicate cards on his quest to a full golden collection. He doesn't want to disenchant anything until he is able to craft them all in one go, and according to his updated spreadsheet, he's actually not that far off.

Reddit user drac72 predicts he needs to open around 700 more packs to get the needed dust, which is going to run Kripp somewhere around $600. Good luck Kripp!

Find Kripp on Twitch

You can tune in to his stream over at


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