The Gadgetzan Deck Recipes - They're Actually Preeetty Gooood

The Gadgetzan Deck Recipes - They're Actually Preeetty Gooood

A user on Twitter asked Ben Brode who was responsible for the deck recipes because they felt that they were not good decks. Ben Brode gave us some insight into their winrates though and said many are at 50% at Rank 5.

Maybe they aren't that bad for climbing up the ladder after all. Check out the quote and all the deck recipes below! As always, if you're looking for some of the best decks, our site has you covered through our hot decks listing! Play around with the filters to find something you'd like to play.

Ben Brode on Gadgetzan Deck Recipes

Quote from Ben Brode
Who builds the suggested deck recipes? Why are they all so bad?
how do you define bad? Inaccessible to players with smaller collections? Can't make it to rank 20? 10? Legend? Bad theme?
FWIW I am F2P since before Naxx. I try the deck recipes that I have most or all of the cards for, and they perform terribly for me
at what rank? They aren't intended to be legend level.
low level. 20-15
we've seen 50% winrates at rank 5 with many of them. Which ones are giving you trouble?

The Deck Recipes of Gadgetzan

These are all also available in-game when you go to create new decks.


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