Training with a Hearthstone Pro! Featuring HSdogdog, Lachlan, and LittleLizardGaming

Training with a Hearthstone Pro! Featuring Hsdogdog, Lachlan, and LittleLizardGaming

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What happens when you take two gamers who’ve never played Hearthstone and throw them right onto the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? Join us and find out.

Follow as Team Liquid’s HSdogdog instills deck-building and strategizing wisdom for Hearthstone’s newest, craziest expansion yet into two streamers/YouTubers best known for playing Minecraft and other titles.

Lachlan and LittleLizard will each have a training session with HSdogdog. They’ll open new packs, build decks, and play some games as they learn the basics and get acquainted with the massive 132-card expansion.

There’s a load of content incoming, including tri-class "crime families" like the Grimy Goons (containing Hunter, Paladin and Warrior cards), Jade Lotus (Druid, Rogue and Shaman cards) and the Kabal (Mage, Priest and Warlock cards), new and extremely unique legendaries, and a whole array of new themed mechanics like the ever-growing Jade Golem. Learn everything there is to know about the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan here at Hearthpwn.

Once they’ve gained some street smarts, they’ll go head-to-head to show off their newfound skills under the watchful eye of HSdogdog.

Now, to the details!

Lachlan | YouTube: CraftBattleDuty | LachlanPlayz | Twitch: LachlanTV

Specialty: Minecraft and Pokémon Go guides and videos.

Training Session

When: December 8th, starting at 9pm Pacific time

Where: Watch live on LachlanPlayz or HSdogdog’s Twitch channel.


LittleLizard | YouTube: LittleLizardGaming | Twitch: LittleLizardG

Specialty: Kid-friendly Minecraft videos

Training Session

When: December 9th, starting at 9pm Pacific time

Where: Watch live on LLG’s Facebook stream or HSdogdog’s Twitch channel.

HSdogdog |  YouTube: HSdogdog | Twitch: HSdogdog

About: Pro Hearthstone player for Team Liquid


When: December 10th, starting at 9pm Pacific time

Where: Watch live on HSdogdog’s Twitch channel



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