Deck Spotlight: Let's Play Discardlock

Deck Spotlight: Let's Play Discardlock

Mejsik brings us a Discard/Disco Warlock deck today which if you didn't notice from the name means we're going to be throwing away our valuable cards. Mejsik was able to pilot this deck from rank 16 to Legend winning 75 games to only 34 losses in 10 hours.

  • Much like Zoo, Discolock relies on flooding your board with small minions.
  • Don't always go for face. Against Aggro decks you'll want to make some efficient trades, but go full SMOrc on Control and Midrange.
  • Flame Imp, Malchezaar's Imp, Possessed Villager, and Abusive Sergeant are all vital in the early game. Roughly in that order if you are considering mulligans.

Super cheap deck at 1280 dust, although it does require a couple of cards from One Night in Karazhan. Check out the deck below or on the deck page if you're interested in building it.

If you're looking for other decks like this, try our Discardlock Deck Search Page.

S31 (FAST) Legend 23 Discardlock
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