Hearthstone Beta Patch 3937

[UPDATE - 11:52PM EDT]: There is planned maintenance for the NA Beta Servers on Weds Oct 16 from 10:30AM PDT onward. Maintenance is expected to be completed within two hours. Maintenance was moved to Thurs Oct 17 from 10:30AM PDT onward.
[UPDATE - 6:49PM EDT]:
Tooltip errors have been fixed and the card changes are now in our database.

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Hearthstone Beta Patch 3937

A patch will be deployed to the beta servers soon.

Card Changes

Originally posted by HearthPwn Warrior Ability
  • Battle Rage Now draws a card for each damaged character which is friendly instead of all damaged characters. Mana cost decreased from 3 to 2.

String Changes

Originally posted by HearthPwn
  • GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_PAY_NOW_TEXT - Pay Now this is what you see when you confirm the purchase
  • GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_TOS_AGREEMENT - By pressing "{0}", you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Terms of Sale. Pressing the "{1}" button will take you to the Terms of Sale on Battle.net. 0=GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_PAY_NOW_TEXT,1=GLUE_STORE_TERMS_OF_SALE_BUTTON_TEXT
  • Product - Analysts
  • Andrew Hsu - removed from heading "Community Manager" and placed under "Global Community Development".
  • Christina Sims - removed from heading "Community Representative" and placed under "Global Community Development".
  • Heading "Product Analysts" had its color removed.


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