BatStone #1 Survival Guide - Everything You Need to Know!

BatStone #1 Survival Guide

Netdecks be gone! Firebat's BatStone is live later today starting at 12 PM ET and will feature new decks from some of our favourite Hearthstone pros due to the special card ban system which is in place; and oh boy is it going to be awesome.

More information about the event can be found below.

We will have full decklists available after the event is over for those interested!


  • Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
  • Time: Games start at 12 PM ET (4 PM GMT, 9 AM PT)
  • Players: 8 Total (7 Invites, 1 Qualifier)
  • Game Mode: Standard Conquest (1 Ban)
  • Bracket: Single Elimination, Best of 5
  • Casters: Firebat & Zalae
  • Stream:


Eight top Hearthstone players will be participating in today's event. They are..

Card Bans

A special rule for this tournament is restricting which cards can be put into decks from participants. Initially it was announced that 5 cards would be banned through community votes but.. you've activated the trap card! An additional 8 cards were banned by participants in the event itself.

The following 13 cards are banned.

Three of these cards are neutral, two Druid, two Shaman, two Warlock, and one each of Warrior, Hunter, Mage, and Rogue.


Watch live below or head on over to


All the awesome player announcements in one sweet vid!


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