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Thrall and Finkle's Beta Key Giveaway Conclusion

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Hearthstone beta key giveaway! Thrall was quite happy with all the support he was able to gather to defeat Deathwing and fortunately has won the battle. Finkle Einhorn on the other hand, is still stuck within The Beast and is trying to escape using all the advice he was given over the weekend.

Winners of both our Twitter and Facebook contests have been private messaged on their respective platforms. If you entered our contest, please check your inboxes! We're still waiting for a lot of the Facebook winners to reply back, please check your messages here.

We'll be running more giveaways during the week, so stay tuned to the website and our social media for more information on our giveaways. 

Gamepedia Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

Our friends at Gamepedia are giving out some Hearthstone beta keys! To enter, simply visit the contest page and signup via Facebook or Email. If you would like, you can earn extra entries into the contest by following the various Gamepedia and Curse social media accounts. Head on over to the news post or contest page to get started! Good luck! Contest ends on October 16.

Blue Posts

There were a few blue posts in Blizzard land today that were worth mentioning. No European opt-in wave today, but there is scheduled maintenance for the EU Servers on Wednesday, October 15 from 5AM CEST to 8AM CEST. Hopefully we'll see some more opt-in action for EU soon!

NA Opt-In Wave

Another opt-in wave went out for the North American Hearthstone beta servers today. Check your emails!

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We are sending out another wave of Hearthstone beta keys to the North American regions. This wave should conclude within the hour.

Matchmaking Spinner Clarification

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I have played a good 30-40 "Play" mode games, and this spinner is starting to drive me crazy. The ONLY option that has ever been selected is "Worthy Opponent" and the spinner takes a good 10 seconds to finish. Does any other option actually WORK?? If there are other viable options, the probabilities need to be adjusted significantly. If not, then please reduce the time it takes, or just remove it completely until other options are activated.

The spinning wheel doesn't affect your queue time at all - it's something there for fun. The spinner will currently only land on Worthy Opponent, but it is funny to see some of the other "potential" categories for your opponent.

Where Can I Post Feedback?

Beta feedback goes on the Official General Discussion forum.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Is there an appropriate place to submit feedback for the game during Beta? I see the bug forum and general discussion, but what about basic game play feedback and / or suggestions?

You can post any feedback you may have here in the general discussion forum!



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