BatStone #1: Hearthstone Differently - A Standard Tournament with Card Bans

BatStone #1: Hearthstone Differently - A Standard Tournament with Card Bans

Firebat has announced plans to create a new kind of tournament series which focuses on "weird formats". The first iteration of BatStone is bringing card bans to the inn which will restrict competitors from using certain cards chosen by the community.

Say goodbye to your tournament netdecks, this is going to be awesome.

All the currently available information on the event can be found below. We'll be providing deck lists after the event concludes and we'll be sure to let you know of any major updates.

Tournament Info

  • Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
  • Time: Games start at 12 PM ET (4 PM CET, 9 AM PT)
  • Players: 8 Total (7 Invites, 1 Qualifier)
  • Game Mode: Standard Conquest (1 Ban)
  • Bracket: Single Elimination, Best of 5
  • Casters: Firebat & Zalae
  • Stream:

Card Bans

A feature unique to this event. The community picks 5 cards which cannot be placed directly into decks, but if generated through random effects, can be put on the board. The current card bans are:


So far, two competitors have been announced with more to follow. 


Watch live below next Wednesday or head on over to


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