Reminder: Karazhan Card Reveal Livestream Tonight at 7 PM PDT!

Reminder: Karazhan Card Reveal Livestream Tonight at 7 PM PDT!

Get ready for a marvelous magical event this evening as Hearthstone's Senior Producer, Yong Woo, and Dan "Frodan" Chou will be taking over the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel to reveal more cards from the Karazhan adventure.

The stream begins at 7PM PDT (10 PM EDT for you East coasters and 4 AM CEST for some of you Euros). We'll be covering all the action here on HearthPwn LIVE as it happens (as usual <3) so that everyone can discuss the new cards and theorycraft the latest crazy decks.

We're thinking that the rest of the set is going to be revealed tonight. We believe this thanks to previous card reveal livestreams that occurred shortly before the expansion launched. We'll likely see half of the cards revealed during the stream itself with the rest being dumped onto the official Hearthstone Facebook page later.

Even if we don't see them all tonight, we should get to see some awesome stuff regardless. We've still yet to see any Priest or Shaman cards from the set so cross those fingers we at least get to see some of those!

Karazhan is set to launch on August 11th, in less than one week! What are you hoping to see tonight?

Learn More About Karazhan

Head on over to our adventure guide to learn more about One Night in Karazhan including being able to see all the currently revealed cards.



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