Hearthstone Patch 5.2.2 - Free Packs Event?

Update 4:24 PM EDT: Official patch notes are listed below. No mention yet of a free packs event.

Hearthstone Patch 5.2.2 - Free Packs Event?

A new patch has been pushed the the live servers. Within it, an activate flag was updated under an event!

  • set_rotation_2016_free_packs is no longer set to None but rather "set_rotation_2016_free_packs"

We aren't certain what this means but we'll update if we find out!

Official Patch Notes

Quote from Avarius

  • We fixed an issue that prevented some players from starting a game
  • Morgl’s hero power is now correctly animated
  • Your quests should now display correctly
  • [Mobile] Performance has been improved for mobile devices and tablets
  • [Mobile] Those pesky vines that could show up during the mulligan phase have been pruned from Standard icons
  • [iOS] iPhone SE should now display the correct UI
  • [Apple] Addressed a crash on iPhone 6 Plus and Mac devices


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