Ben Brode on Lack of Demons, Priests, PTR, and Aggro

Ben Brode on Lack of Demons, Priests, PTR, and Aggro

What happens when the Overwatch developers give the OW community constant developer interaction? Ben Brode shows up to a complaint thread on reddit to talk! We've recapped his responses to the thread below.

While we're on the subject, do you think we need more developer interaction?

Quote from Ben Brode

  • Ben tries to make himself available as much as possible, through Twitter, Twitch, and reddit.
  • A Public Test Realm for future Hearthstone content would require revealing all the cards at least a month before release. (Source)
    • This is cited as being a major downside.
  • Ben doesn't believe that aggro decks are self-piloting. (Source)


  • They're evaluating Priests but are not ready to reveal plans yet. (Source)
  • Ben thinks it is possible there are quality Priest decks out there that haven't been discovered. (Source)

Warlocks / Demons

  • No demons being added in Old Gods was a flavor decision and was possibly a mistake. (Source)
  • More demons will be added, it's the core Warlock kit. (Source



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