The Hearthstone Beta Streamer Invitational - Sponsored by Logitech Gaming

Because of some stream related delays, we're going to give away some beta keys! More information is available in this thread.

Hearthstone Beta Streamer Invitational

We've invited 16 of the most popular Hearthstone streamers from Twitch to battle each other in a single elimination bracket this evening for bragging rights and epic loot sponsored by Logitech Gaming. We'll be livestreaming the tournament on the Curse Entertainment Twitch channel and we will have the stream available on here on HearthPwn. We're also going to be running a donation drive for Save the Children via Gaming For Good and we encourage you to check it out.

The tournament will be casted by Athene from Gaming For Good and StrawHatChef of Laser Goes Pew Pew.

The streamers are competing for:

The Invitees

We've got a great list of players attending the tournament.

A1m Evilsourcegaming Reckful TSG (Dunn)
Archon The Wizard Kripparian Squishei VMan7
Chobralol Kungen Starcraftsquad Xdega
DoaSC Locodoco Trumpsc Xizta

The Bracket

Our bracket is available on the Challonge website.



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