New Warrior Card Reveal - Ravaging Ghoul, Druid Card - Mire Keeper, Shaman Weapon - Hammer of Twilight

Update 3:02 PM EDT: Hammer of Twilight via Marduk's stream.
Update 2:04 PM EDT: Mire Keeper via Roger's stream!
Update 1:00 PM EDT: New card votes are live!

New Warrior Card Reveal - Ravaging Ghoul

A new card has been revealed via Blizzpro.

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Card Clarifications

Quote from @PlayHearthstone
Does Vilefin Inquisitor interact with Justicar Trueheart?
Justicar Trueheart has no effect on the Hero Power granted by Vilefin Inquisitor's Battlecry effect. (Source)

Hi there! For [Mire Keeper], if we play it while at 10 mana and choose second option, do we get the 0-cost Draw card?
Mire Keeper doesn't give you Excess Mana (Draw a Card spell) when played at 10 mana and Gain an empty Mana Crystal is chosen. (Source)

Yogg-Saron Artwork

Totally Tentacular! Yogg-Saron's artwork has appeared on Hearthstone's Facebook page for some countries. Looks like we'll be seeing Yogg sometime this week!!

New Card Vote Up!

A new card vote is live on the Old Gods site.

Pssst, Vote for Kranich, that's Cho'Gall!

Learn More About Whispers of the Old Gods

Want to see more cards that are in Whispers of the Old Gods, or learn more about the set? Head on over to our guide to Whispers of the Old Gods! Be sure to also check out Blizzard's Official Old Gods Page!

There's also a weekly card vote going on over on the official Hearthstone site! Go vote for which card you'd like to see revealed, new cards are revealed daily.



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