Facebook / Opt-In Keys Sent Out, Basic Decks

 The Hearthstone European Closed Beta Test is Nearly Here!

Facebook / Opt-In Keys Sent Out

Yesterday we announced that Blizzard would be sending out two waves of Beta invites today for both users who took part in the Facebook Sweepstakes and the BattleNet Opt-In. These keys have been sent out this evening, so be sure to check your email inbox to see if you're one of the lucky ones who got in! If you're a new player looking for a quick-start guide to Hearthstone, check out Darhoth's Hearthstone 101.

Hearthstone Basic Decks

Upon unlocking a Hero in Hearthstone, players are given a basic deck to use in matches should they choose to not construct their own. The premade decks are built with cards from the free tier and help ease players into the class by focusing on a few select class cards and a common mix of basic cards seen throughout the Tutorials and other basic decks. We've compiled the contents of these decks using our deckbuilder and encourage you to check them out.







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