Reward & Promo Set Cards Restricted to Wild Format

Reward & Promo Set Cards Restricted to Wild Format

An update has been made to Blizzard's Standard and Wild FAQ which confirms we will not be able to use cards in the Reward or Promo sets in Standard. Additionally, you will no longer obtain Old Murk-Eye or Captain's Parrot from crafting Murlocs and Pirates. RIP Old Murk-Eye.

Quote from Blizzard
Will Reward set cards such as Gelbin Mekkatorque and Old Murk-Eye be part of Wild or Standard format?

All current Reward set cards, including Promo cards, will be restricted to Wild format.

When Standard format arrives, the Captain’s Parrot and Old Murk-Eye cards won’t be given for collecting their associated classic cards, but can instead be crafted (and disenchanted).

Acquiring the Promo cards Gelbin Mekkatorque and Elite Tauren Chieftain remains unchanged: the normal versions of these cards can still be crafted or disenchanted, while the golden versions were acquired via special events and cannot be disenchanted or crafted.


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