The Curse Trials Decklists, CDC S3#6 Standardized Parts, Class Creation Competition #2 Winner

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The Curse Trials Decklists

We have the majority of the deck lists used by the players in last week's The Curse Trials standard tournament. If you were interested in seeing the full makeups of the decks whether that was pure curiosity or you wanted to try piloting some of them in-game, you can find em all below!

We are missing Kolento's, two of StrifeCro's, and one of Firebat's decks.

Season 3 Card Design Competition #6 - Standardized Parts

Spare Parts are, unfortunately, going to be a thing of the past in the new Standard mode unless new cards get introduced, because all the cards that created Spare Parts are getting cycled out! Your task this week is to remedy that.

Head on over to the submission thread to read all the rules for this week's competition, Standardized Parts. For discussion, head on over to the discussion thread.

Class Creation Competition #2 Winner!

Congratulations to DKPaladinMDL for winning our second ever Class Creation Competition with the Bard! You can see Bard below and to see the full details on the class, head on over to the Bard thread or click the banner below.




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