Two Expansions and One Adventure Per Year, Knife Juggler & Leper Gnome Considered for Nerfs

Two Expansions and One Adventure Per Year

Polygon recapped their trip to Blizzard a few months ago to discuss the Standard format alongside other community members. We've recapped the important parts below!

Quote from Blizzard

  • No longer will set releases alternate between adventure and expansion.
  • We will see two expansions per year (start and end) and one adventure (middle). At least for now.
  • Ancient of Lore and Keeper of the Grove "maybe those aren't the right choices" - Mike Donais
  • Leper Gnome and Knife Juggler are two neutral minions being looked at.
  • The move to Standard may be a bit early, but they don't want to get to the point where it feels impossible to catch up.
  • Wild was originally going to be known as Legacy but Brian Kibler urged them to make it more Warcrafty.
  • Adventures could potentially come back out of "the vault" much like Disney's movies do. (Idea is not mature)

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