Hearthstone Season 23 Begins, Popular January 2016 Constructed Decks - Budget Friendly, Firebat Leaves Team Archon

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Hearthstone Season 23 Begins

The twenty-third season of ranked play for Hearthstone has officially begun! What decks are you looking to pilot this season, and more importantly, are you making the run to Legend? If you're headed for legend, be sure to check in with everyone on the forums to share your journey with the community in our Season 23 Headed for Legend thread.

Most Popular January Constructed Decks - Budget Friendly

Looking for something to play this season? Maybe something from last season can help you out!

Deck Author Cost
 Patron Warrior kuonet 3960
 Combo Druid! tylerootd 4320
 Tempo Mage FR0G1123 2340
 OTK Warrior lokshadow 540
 RenoLock Variations Mart23 6440
 Excavated Evil Elise Priest Titan_Hs 3460
 Nicest Warrior Shyote 860
 Zoolock with Brann TwoBiers 1560
 OTK Priest Lyme 7940
 Aggrodin TalionHS 3040

Class Design Competition Phase 3 - Poll #1

Our class design competition is still underway and we're now into the third phase with 30 custom classes remaining after a tough battle. This is the first of two polls for this stage of the competition which contains half of this stage's finalists. Tomorrow, another poll will be going up which contains the other half.

The top cuts for each of the phase 3 polls will move on to phase 4, where entrants will design their Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, and Blackrock Mountain cards for their custom classes. So head on over to the voting thread to checkout all the awesome creations in the first poll for this phase. Vote for your favourites to help us determine who will move on! Don't forget to also check back tomorrow to vote on more epic classes.

Best of luck to all the entrants, there's some really cool stuff brewing!

Firebat Leaves Team Archon

It was announced today on the Team Archon website that Firebat has left Team Archon. The official announcement can be found in full below. We've reached out to Archon to inquire about the status of their third player for the recently announced Red Bull Team Brawl.

Good luck Firebat!

We're incredibly saddened to announce James "Firebat" Kostesich is leaving Team Archon.

James is an amazing competitor, teammate, and all around good guy. We’ve had the pleasure of watching James grow as a player and a personality in the game. In his tenure with Team Archon, James won not only the 2014 World Championships, but also countless other titles throughout 2015.

We're certain he will be incredibly successful in his next endeavor. He’s been a wonderful roommate and someone we’ve been very blessed to have in our lives. We’ll definitely miss him around the house. Please join us in wishing him the absolute best moving forward.

Please follow him on twitter @Firebat_HS



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