Hearthstone Developers on the History of Discover, Become a Tavern Hero

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Hearthstone Developers on the History of Discover

IGN had a chance to interview Senior Game Designer, Ben Brode, and Associate Designer, Dean Ayala, on the Discover mechanic. We've recapped the interview below.

  • The keyword was originally known as Treasure.
  • Mike Donais originally pitched the keyword idea, "probably even before The Grand Tournament".
  • The Brawl featuring the Discover mechanic came after it was tested with League of Explorers cards.
  • They tried having Discover place the card at the top of your deck or shuffling it into it - it didn't work as well.
  • Discover is relatively similar to Draw a Card in value. They looked at current cards with card draw to choose how to implement it.
  • The choice to apply Discover to only your class cards and neutral was made late in development. You have a better idea of what your opponent or even yourself will draw from it.
  • The last tweak to Discover was to make it choose class cards more often than neutrals.
  • The League of Explorers and Discover were developers independently from each other. It just worked out well in the end.

Become a Tavern Hero

Several Fireside Gatherings are being held starting this weekend which will give winners of local tournaments a slot into the Winter Preliminaries of the Hearthstone World Championship 2016. Details below!

Venue Location Date
eSports Arena Santa Ana, CA Saturday, January 23
J. Willard Marriott Library, Room 1120 Salt Lake City, UT Saturday, January 23
Gameworks Seattle, WA Saturday, January 30
Invictus Game Station Toronto, ON Saturday, January 30
Pastimes Chicago, IL Saturday, January 30
Kansas Memorial Union Kansas City, KS Sunday, January 31
Battle & Brew Atlanta, GA Sunday, February 7

Quote from Blizzard

Wondering if you have what it takes to card-sling your way to the top? Here’s your chance to find out! Starting Saturday, January 23, special Blizzard-sanctioned Hearthstone tournaments will be taking place at Fireside Gathering events in select locations across the Americas % Europe. Check out the details below.

Tavern Heroes

Players attending any of the below-listed Blizzard-sanctioned Hearthstone tournaments will battle it out until a champion is crowned in each location. These remaining players will be named Tavern Heroes and will each earn a slot in the Hearthstone 2016 Americas [and European] Winter Preliminaries, where they’ll join the 128 players who have earned slots in the preliminaries via the standard point system. See our 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour blog for details on this year’s point structure and match formats.

Next Stop, The 2016 Americas Winter Preliminaries!

The 128 top-ranked Americas players, along with all the qualified Tavern Heroes, will compete in the preliminaries in the same select locations across the Americas for the chance to earn one of eight slots in the Hearthstone 2016 Americas Winter Championship. Stay tuned for details on where and when you can watch the preliminary matches. [Same goes for Europe]

Tavern Hero Tournament Details

Below you will find all the different Tavern Hero Tournament locations and dates. For additional details, click on a selected event below.

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