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Hearthstone on ESPN Esports

ESPN, a US-based television channel dedicated to sports, launched their own dedicated Esports portal today, and Hearthstone has it's own section in the navigation in addition to League of Legends and DotA2. There isn't anything really there yet other than a feed of some old wins, but it should be interesting to see what comes of it in the future.

You can follow them on Twitter over at @ESPN_Esports. Click the banner below to check out their new site.

HS Community Communications

Aratil posted on the official forums today asking if holding further Banter with the Blues sessions was of interest to the community. So, is it? In addition to that, what kind of communications do you want to see out of the Hearthstone team going forward?

You can find previous Banter with the Blues back in June of 2014 and February of 2015. We're due for another!

Quote from Aratil
We definitely want to do more "Banter with the Blues", but the last time we held one, we were buried under criticism for not answering balance questions and for not revealing new content. If we were to hold another "Banter with the Blues" in the near future without addressing balance questions/new content, is that still of interest?

Card Design Competion 3.02 - Kindred Keywords

Our second competition in season 3 of our card design competition is underway! Kindred Keywords is the title for this week's competition which requires you to choose a keyword and make a card which contains that keyword but doesn't use it in its normal usage. Some excellent examples of cards in the current game which follow this are:

  • Feign Death - Keyword of Deathrattle, but isn't actually a deathrattle effect.
  • Flare - Keyword of Secret, but isn't actually a secret.
  • Bolster - Keyword of Taunt, but isn't a taunt minion.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the competition thread to read the full entry rules and submit your own creation. Winners get bragging rights and a sweet avatar border for their profile on the forums, plus their creation showcased on the front-page! Submit your entries in the submission thread and head on over to the discussion thread to discuss your favourites.

Feugen & Stalagg Need Friends Winner

The winner for our card design competition last week, Feugen & Stalagg Need Friends, was RandomScribbles for their entry of Murloc Holmes and Watt-son. Congratulations!




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