Ben Brode on Card Text Consistency

Ben Brode on Card Text Consistency

Ben Brode is vlogging again! Today Ben talks with us about consistency with card text in Hearthstone. Find our recap and the video below.

Ben Asks: Ease of parsability or consistency when it comes to Druid of the Claw

Quote from Ben Brode

  • Consistency is very important in a physical card game. If a card doesn't do what it says, you can't play the game.
  • Digital card games are different in that the game itself can have special rules and it will take care of it for you. Ysera and Dream Cards is an example of this.
  • Therefore, knowing immediately from the card text how something works, although important in a digital game, is not critical. You don't want to see all cards blank with surprise effects though.
  • They wanted to keep cards in the classic set easy to parse, which has lead to inconsistencies with Choose One. 
  • Druid of the Claw is one of these inconsistencies.
    • It and Ancient of War read the same way but one gets buffed whereas the other one transforms. Silence only works on the buffed one.
    • Makes players wonder how a new card works before we get to test it in-game, such as Anodized Robo Cub which was released during GvG. You can't tell right away if it transforms or buffs itself.
    • Druid of the Flame reads differently than Druid of the Claw, yet they work the exact same way. Ease of parsability of the card has been cited as one of the reasons Druid of the Claw is still the way it is today. 
    • They may go back later on and change Druid of the Claw to read like Druid of the Flame for the sake of consistency, but it does sacrifice the parsability of the card.
  • They felt like choice cards should be between two comparable things to keep it easier to understand.
  • There was a card in early development which was "Choose One: Change a minion's attack to 0 for a turn, or deal 2 damage to a minion who attacked last turn".
  • Some inconsistencies with how a card works vs the text is actually just bugs which will be fixed in upcoming patches.



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