Top Deck of the Week, Hurtstone - Secrets

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Top Deck of the Week

Our first week after the full release of The League of Explorers! What have you been playing around with?

Deck Author Cost
 Midrange Mrrgglton TourettoHS 2560
 [S21 Asia #1] 100% win rate 21WIN-0LOSE hcm1008 6400
 Rafaam+Reno Paladin Odemian 7240
 Entomb Priest Zetalot q8en 3640
 Miracle Rogue Dog 3720
 FACE shaman Likeabawse1925 1880
 Brann Zoo P4wnyhof 5200
 Egg Druid J4CKIECHAN 820
 Control Warrior MarioHS 14960

Hurtstone - Secrets

Carbot Animations put out a slick video on the secrets of Hearthstone featuring our favourite heroes Rexxar and Uther.



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