League of Explorers Wing 3 Launches Thursday - Boss Info & Cards

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League of Explorers Wing 3 Launches Thursday

The third wing of The League of Explorers, Hearthstone's third Adventure, launches tomorrow (Thursday, Friday in EU) and although we don't know the exact release time of it, we can certainly check out what we're going to be up against!

If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read on! The information below on the third wing bosses can be helpful in the creation of decks to combat them quickly if you're aiming to beat all your friends, and the ladder, to the new cards.

New Cards Releasing this Week

Anyfin Can Happen this week with the 11 new cards we'll be adding to our collections via the The Ruined City wing. All of this week's cards and their sources can be found below.

Lord Slitherspear
Lord Slitherspear

Lady Nazj'ar
Lady Nazj'ar
Lady Nazj'ar
Lady Nazj'ar

Hunter Challenge
Shaman Challenge

Priest Challenge

Boss Abilities

Each fight has different specific cards assigned to them. Unfortunately, we won't know all the details going in, but at least you can get a glimpse of some of the mechanics we'll be playing against for each fight to help tune your initial decks.


This fight is bonkers. Slitherspear has numerous hero powers, plenty of token minions, and he appears to have an army of Naga that are starving.

  • His hero powers seem evolve to summon more deadly Naga over time. This may not be the case on Heroic, where it will just be randomized.
  • He has an Enrage effect which may appear when he reaches low health, but it also have something to do with how starving he is - aka turn based.
  • Naga Repellent appears to be a spell you will gain during the fight to help deal with the Naga.
  • You need to save Finley by killing a Cauldron which will appear at some point.

The cards associated with this fight are:


Mrglglglgl! Giantfin is a Giant Murloc! His hero power is a Murloc-flavored Divine Favor, but costs 0 mana to play. This could be used to your advantage by forcing him into fatigue fairly quickly, but Murlocs do have some pretty good synergy so things could get tough. On Heroic difficulty though, he will only draw 2 cards - how unfortunate.

Whether an Aggro deck or a Fatigue deck will be king on heroic is yet to be determined, but we do know of a disgusting ability he has available, which brings Murlocs back from the dead.

Lady Nazj'ar

We don't know too much about Lady Nazj'ar, but we do know she is going to be replacing all minions with brand new ones, which cost 1 more mana. RNG is going to be a major factor in this fight, and you're going to want to swarm the board early on to take advantage of the free upgrades - well on normal at least.

The fight changes on Heroic difficulty, where only her minions are going to be replaced with ones that cost 1 more mana each turn.. so you're going to want to come prepared with some form of board clear.



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