League of Explorers: Temple of Orsis Boss Guides - Zinaar, Sun Raider Phaerix, Temple Escape

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League of Explorers: Temple of Orsis Boss Guides

Need some help with Temple of Orsis on Heroic difficulty? We've compiled some decks to help you out! The decks used for Heroic Difficulty can also be used on Normal difficulty with similar strategies.

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  • The unique mechanic in this fight is you getting a Wish card every turn while Zinaar draws cards and gains mana crystals.
  • Wishes are 0 mana cards which give you more wishes or allow you to Discover various types of cards.
  • You can hold onto your Wish cards to build them up, to later unleash them with Flamewaker, or just use them to help round out your deck.

Sun Raider Phaerix


  • The Rod when its on his side of the field makes him immune. If you can get it onto your side of the field and silence it, he can't ever go immune again.
  • There's a cheese tactic which relies on obtaining the staff on your side, silencing it, and placing a taunt minion up. The AI doesn't know how to react.
  • Use the priest deck below, and just win with Shadow Word: Pain, Silence, and Deathlord.

Temple Escape


  • Your job is to simply outlast the fight.
  • Many large minions drop down. Controlling them via freeze mechanics or removal is ideal.
  • You may take some hits. Some healing can be helpful.
  • The fight always plays out in the exact same order, you can view that order on our boss guide.


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