New Ranked Season - June 2024 & Card Back - Special Twist This Month!

The first day of the new month, and a new Season! This is the 123rd Ranked Season, and we are creeping up on the reveals of the next expansion. The events for that should start somewhere in June, as the Reward Track end date was recently changed to July 23rd, which would mean a July release for the next expansion which sets the clock ticking for the announcement and reveals!

This season WILL count towards the 2024 Hearthstone Esports events, with both the June & July Standard Ranked ladder giving points towards qualification for the Masters Tour Summer Championship!

You can read more about the Esports events and how you can participate in this article.

Good luck in this Meta and see you on ladder!

June 2024 Twist

There's a special Twist season in June, with premade decks, and legendary heroes. You can read all about it in this article from earlier this week!

Quote from Blizzard

Twist returns soon for a massive new season: Whizbang’s Heroes! Jump right into the fun with one of 19 new Heroes, each with a pre-made deck and a unique Hero Power and Passive effect. It all starts when the next season begins on June 1!


What Makes a Hero?

In Whizbang’s Heroes, simply pick your Hero and play! Each Hero has three main characteristics: a pre-built deck, a unique Hero Power, and a corresponding Passive effect. Heroes can also have different life totals. The pre-built Hero decks don’t have to follow the normal deck construction rules of Hearthstone: some decks are different sizes, most decks feature a mix of cards across different classes, and many decks have no duplicates, for more varied play. Each Hero’s Hero Power and Passive effect are designed to match that character’s flavor and deck mechanics. Our goal is for each Hero to feel like a new class.




A new month also means we all received our ranked rewards from last month. You can let us know in the comments if there was anything particularly cool you got from the reward boxes or packs!

We'll leave you with the Midsummer Cardback reward for the June 2024 season. You will need 5 ranked ladder wins in June 2024 to get it. "Midsummer: If you must play with fire, then play hard!"

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The Card Backs of Hearthstone

Learn more and see all the Card Backs in our dedicated guide.

Card List - Click Me!


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