29.4 Known Issues - Blazing Transmutation Temporarily Banned & More

The Known Issues for Patch 29.4, with bugs and issues Blizzard is tracking already or has solved.

Updated: Thursday.

Quote from Blizzard

Patch 29.4 is now live, with the Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions Mini-Set and more!

Here are some known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Blazing Transmutation has been unbanned.
  • [Hearthstone] Sock Puppet Slitherspear doesn’t gain attack from Weapons.
  • [Collection] Standardized Pack doesn’t show up in the “NEW” tab in the Collection.
  • [Cosmetics] Return Policy’s Golden art is bugged.
  • [Updated] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that Boom Wrench might be causing client freezes. Update: it appears the freeze is only for some devices and is brief–waiting it out appears to resolve the issue.
  • [Collection] The team is investigating reports of occasional issues accessing the Collection.
  • [Collection] The team is investigating reports of players unable to select a format when building a deck. As a workaround while this is being investigated, players can build a deck in whatever format is already selected when making a new deck and use the “Convert to _____” interface to switch formats.
  • [Hearthstone] Auras, Sigils, and other persistent effects don’t stack when they should if replayed by cards like Jotun or Tess.
  • [Added 5/15] [Progression] The team is investigating various reports of player issues with daily/weekly quests.

We’ll update this post as we get more information.

Battlegrounds Pool Updates

  • We’ve temporarily removed Another Hidden Body from the Quest Pool (Sire Denathrius) in Duos, due to a bug. For the time being, the body will remain hidden.
  • Sire Finley has been temporarily removed from the Hero Pool in Duos due to a bug.


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