Free Packs, Twice! - Watch Hearthstone on their Anniversary and Theorycrafting Streams!

Who doesn't love free stuff? Come watch Hearthstone on their Anniversary day on Monday AND on the Theorycrafting streams on Wednesday and grab free card packs for Whizbang's Workshop!

NOTE: To be clear there is a large Twitch Drop event on Monday for the Anniversary and Community Day and a smaller event on Wednesday with just 2 Whizbang's Workshop packs. Be sure to log in and watch on Monday if you want the motherload!

Anniversary/Community Day Drops on Monday:

The event will start on Twitch at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 17:00 CET/ 16:00 GMT.

  • 1 Festival of Legends pack
  • 1 TITANS pack
  • 1 Showdown in the Badlands pack
  • 2 Whizbang's Workshop packs
  • 1 *golden* Whizbang pack
  • 2 tavern tickets for Arena
  • epic Crystal Justice strike for Battlegrounds
  • Harth Stonebrew bartender for Battlegrounds


Quote from Blizzard

We're dropping FREE packs for our 10th Anniversary Community Day and Whizbang's Workshop Theorycrafting streams!

Tune in on Twitch next Monday and Wednesday starting at 9am PT:

Whizbang's Workshop Card List & Expansion Guide

Learn more and see all the cards in our dedicated Card List.

Card List - Click Me!


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