Deck Spotlight: TwoBiers' Dreadscale Hunter, The Angry Chicken #115, Hearthstone World Championships - Day 3

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Deck Spotlight: TwoBiers' Dreadscale Hunter

In tonight's deck spotlight we're taking a look at a Dreadscale-based Hunter deck from TwoBiers which he used in the recent HS-Arena invitational tournament. TwoBiers made it to the finals, losing to Xixo 4-2.

The deck has a mid-tier crafting cost of 4420 dust. Head on over to the deck guide to learn more about the cards and how to play it. You can also find the deck below to get building right away.

[TwoBiers] Dreadscale Hunter
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Minion (15) Ability (13) Weapon (2)
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The Angry Chicken #115

This week on The Angry Chicken podcast, the crew discussed the Hearthstone World Championships, the usual crazy game stories, and your emails. You can watch the episode below!

The Angry Chicken is a Hearthstone podcast featuring GarrettDills, and Jocelyn who discuss the latest Hearthstone happenings, strategy, and stories. You can find previous episodes of TAC over on their YouTube channel.

Hearthstone World Championships - Day 3

Day three of the Hearthstone World Championships begins this morning, October 30th, at 9 AM PDT. All games will be played out over on the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel. For the localized streams and additional schedule information, check out Khennen's post on our Streams & Videos forum.

Today we'll see the Winners bracket matches within all of our groups. The player which wins that match will end up going to the Round of 8 taking place at BlizzCon! Like in previous days, you can vote for who you'd like to win below in addition to checking out who's playing.

All hope is not lost for those who lose today though, they will drop down to the decider match in the loser's bracket for a second chance at gold which will be played out tomorrow, October 31st.



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