BlizzCon Hearthstone Schedule - "Hear a tale of Adventures Yet to Come"

BlizzCon Hearthstone Schedule - "Hear a tale of Adventures Yet to Come"

Blizzard has posted the official BlizzCon schedule! News of a new adventure looks promising thanks to the event description of the "What's Next" panel. You can view the full schedule over on the BlizzCon Website.

Quote from BlizzCon

Hearthstone: What's Next

Friday - 3:30 PM PST to 4:30 PM PST (Main Stage, Hall D)
Come warm yourself by the hearth and hear a tale of adventures yet to come!

Hearthstone: Fireside Chat

Saturday - 10:00 AM PDT to 11 AM PDT (Main Stage, Hall D)
Pull up a chair with members of the Hearthstone design team to hear how Tavern Brawls come together, and then join us for open Q&A with the team.

Hearthstone World Championships

The Hearthstone World Championships will be taking place in Hall C all day on both Friday and Saturday. The games will be streamed for free on Twitch for those without a BlizzCon virtual ticket.

Fireside Gathering Pin Available at BlizzCon

Quote from Blizzard
BlizzCon is going to be bustling with activity, but you don’t want to miss out on visiting a real Hearthstone Tavern at the event!


Enter the Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon and join fellow Hearthstone players young and old as they partake in a Fireside Gathering of epic proportions. Take a seat by the hearth and enjoy live entertainment while sipping on some Hearthstone-themed refreshments. Be sure to challenge other players to a match to get the Fireside Gatherings card back while you’re there!


The Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon will be the debut of the warm and welcoming Fireside Gatherings pin, so you can proudly display your love for getting together with friends for a few rounds of Hearthstone. There’s a few ways you can add this exciting new pin to your Blizzard pin collection:

Join in on a Micro Tournament, where 8-16 players test their skills in fast and friendly competition. Bring your own Hearthstone device and battle it out in a best of three, single deck format. The top four players of the tournament will be awarded the Fireside Gatheringspin!

Want to take on the creators of Hearthstone themselves? Partake in a round of Duel the Devs,where you can go one on one with one of the talented developers that help bring Hearthstone to life. If you triumph against a Hearthstone developer in a duel, a Fireside Gatherings pin is yours!

Think you know Hearthstone? Our Tavern Hosts will be testing your knowledge throughout the day withHearthstone Trivia! If you’re hanging out in the Tavern enjoying something from our refreshment vendor or just playing Hearthstone with friends, keep an eye out for our friendly Tavern Hosts. You never know when they’ll come to your table to test your knowledge! Answer the Hearthstone Trivia question correctly, and you’re the proud owner of a Fireside Gatherings pin.

Be sure to drop by the Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon, located on the second floor of the convention center, because there’s always room for one more by the hearth!

Interested in bringing all the fun of Fireside Gatherings to your hometown? Anyone can run a Fireside Gathering! Head on over to today for more information.



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