Pick a Hand, Any Hand is This Week's Tavern Brawl

Pick the first seven cards of your deck, and we'll fill the rest with Unstable Portals. You get your portals after your mulligan.

This Brawl uses Wild Deckbuilding Rules.

The gimmick is that you get to hand pick the first 7 cards, and will receive them first and then start getting Unstable Portals. So those first 7 cards need to do a lot of heavy lifting or things get very random.


Tavern Brawl Start End
442 Now December 6, 2023
240 January 15, 2020 January 22, 2020
170 September 12, 2018 September 17, 2018
54 June 22, 2016 June 27, 2016


Click or hover over the chest to see the rewards!

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