Hearthstone Anniversary Mount and Pet (& More!) in World of Warcraft

A Hearthstone Anniversary Related Mount, Pet and more were datamined from the recent World of Warcraft test realms update for Patch 10.2.5, read on to see what we found!

Hearthstone Anniversary in WoW

As Blizzard dev Cora mentioned at her BlizzCon talk, the Hearthstone 10 year anniversary is soon upon us. The game released on 11th of March 2014, so we can expect the festivities for it to take place around that time frame in March next year.

We don't know yet what the Hearthstone team is going to do for the celebration, but we now have some insight in what the World of Warcraft team intends to do for it, which shows that this might be quite the celebration coming up.

To start, there's going to be a World Event in World of Warcraft, and those tend to only be done for actual Holidays and big occasions. Blizzard's Diablo 4 game got a 2 week event with special loot and achievements around the time of it's release this year, as an example. You can see the Hearthstone event confirmed on this WoW Tooltip from the current test realms.

Hearthstone Anniversary in WoW: Loot

So we know there's an event coming for Hearthstone, and in WoW any event means loot. So what can you get? Well, the test realm has not been up long and datamining is not an exact science, but so far we found:

The Sarge pet has a flavor text too, which harkens back to his introduction in Hearthstone lore, in the Cinematic "Hearth and Home".

“When he's not hanging out with Harth Stonebrew or winning competitions at the tavern, Sarge loves to stow away in the backpacks of visiting adventurers.”

Hearthstone Anniversary in WoW: Speculation

So now you want to know how to get this loot. And this is where datamining and the test realms get murky. Blizzard are unlikely to test this event, so we might not know for sure what it means and how precisely we get each piece of loot above until the event actually happens.

There was something we found out though. There was a list of items labeled "HSAnn" and it is somewhat revealing, even if the precise way it sticks together is unknown.

You can read our speculation, or make your own, based on the image presented below, or by checking the list in question on Wowdb: here.

As you can see the list mentions a couple of things:

  • A table
  • A stool
  • A Hearthstone Board
  • Trash mobs
  • A Boss Fight
  • Minions, including Chillwind Yeti and Baron Geddon.
  • Spells, including Blessing of Kings and Jive Insect

So we can sort of guess that there will be a stool somewhere in World of Warcraft that our characters can sit down on at a table, which holds a Hearthstone board. And then we can play a game of Hearthstone? But not one like we are used to in the actual game probably. Because it mentions trash mobs and a Boss fight, which is decidedly a World of Warcraft thing. The Hearthstone flavor starts to come in with the minions and spells however. Chillwind Yeti is an iconic Hearthstone minion and JIVE, INSECT! is new, but produces Ragnaros the Firelord on board, and he is iconic for BOTH Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. And then somehow we fight with them or against them?!

Sadly without knowing how it all fits together this is about as far as responsible speculation can get us. But it sounds fun, and we personally cannot wait!



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