Popular Constructed Decks of the Week, The Worst Arena Cards Ever

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Popular Constructed Decks of the Week

Yarr Harrrr! Here be thee most popular decks of the week.

Deck Author Cost
 Hybrid Pirate Rogue Noober_dog 1960
 DemonHand krafton 7640
 #1 Legend Druid Kolento 4480
 Slam Warrior VarianNo1 12240
 Mech Warrior Tincho1287 1760
 Dragon Priest! sigmasrb 6580
 The Silver Hand BrooklynHS 10100
 Face Hunter C4mlann 3100
 Midrange Hunter 2.0 SteveFrench95 1680

The Worst Arena Cards Ever

Kripparrian went over the absolute worst arena cards in the game, although, there is a twist. Some of these cards can actually be good in decks if the stars happen to align with your draws. For the most part though, they are indeed the worst cards for arena, and Kripparrian explains why in the video below.



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