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Deck Spotlight: The Silver Hand

In tonight's deck spotlight we're checking out an excellent Paladin deck from BrooklynHS, The Silver Hand! This is a control-style deck which aims to out-value your opponent with your strong Hero Power, combo plays and sustain.

The deck has a pretty steep crafting cost coming in at a mighty 10200 dust, but can be quite fun on the ladder. BrooklynHS has written an excellent in-depth guide which explains the deck from many angles, much better than we can do in our limited space, so go check out the full guide

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Card Design Competition #34 - House of Discards

Week 34 of our card design competition is underway! The topic this week is House of Discards, which means you must create a card which includes the text "discard" in the description. Derivatives such as "discards", "discarded", "discarding", and so on are acceptable.

So what are you waiting for? Winners get bragging rights and a fancy avatar border, so go submit your entry today! If you'd like to discuss this week's entrys, you can do so as always in the discussion thread. Good luck!

TwitchCon Starts Friday

Although nothing Hearthstone is going on at TwitchCon this weekend, but some streamer favourites will be around so it is worth mentioning. TwitchCon is a celebration of all thing Twitch and kappa-shenanigans will be streamed on multiple channels this Friday and Saturday.

We've got a shortened schedule below which contains streamed events known Hearthstone personalities will be participating in to help you find stuff to watch. You can learn more about TwitchCon over here, and you can also view the full schedule.



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