Underdog Rules Brawl, The Angry Chicken #104, CDC #33 Finalist Voting

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Tavern Brawl #15 Decks - Underdog Rules

Warlocks have been quite happy thanks to this week's Tavern Brawl theme, Underdog Rules.
Each turn, if you're losing by more than 3 health then a random minion rallies to your side.

If you're looking for some fun community created decks to get that free card pack, or to play throughout the brawl, we've got you covered. Check out a couple of our favourites below (your mileage may vary) and be sure to head on over to the full brawl deck listing to find others.

Don't forget you can share your own creations by building your deck in our deckbuilder and setting the deck type to Tavern Brawl.

The Angry Chicken #104 - Can You Keep a Secret?

This week on The Angry Chicken podcast, the crew talked about secret paladins, last week's Ben Brode interview, and plenty of Hearthstone eSports. You can watch this week's episode below.

The Angry Chicken is a Hearthstone podcast featuring GarrettDills, and Jocelyn who discuss the latest Hearthstone happenings, strategy, and stories. You can find previous episodes of TAC over on their YouTube channel.

This channel is a part of the Union For Gamers Network.
Click for more info on Curse's Youtube partnership.

Card Design Competition #33 - Finalist Voting

For this week's Card Design Challenge, competitors were asked to submit cards whose effects depended on the number of minions in play. A competition about numbers sure did attract the biggest number of entries we've seen yet this season, but we managed to whittle down over 260 cards to just 26 finalists.

Whose number is up, and who is going to be number one? Help us decide by visiting our Finalist Poll Topic and voting for your favorites!



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