Ben Brode Interview - Deck Slots, Secretadin, Internal Stats; Strength in Numbers, HS Probability Guide

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Ben Brode Dev Interview - RNG, ESports, Secretadin

Ben Brode sat down with Tim Clark of PC Gamer for an interview to talk about TGT, RNG, Esports, and more. We've recapped the important parts of the interview below, if you'd like to read the entire transcript head on over to PC Gamer.

Quote from Ben Brode

  • Deck slots are officially on the to-do list. They want to do the best implementation possible - not the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Not all Inspire cards were targeted for tier 1 decks.
  • Had they of buffed some of the "bad" Paladin secrets, Mysterious Challenger may not have been able to be what it is today.
  • Secret paladin isn't very concerning as it doesn't kill you in one turn - you see it coming.
  • They aren't in love with Grim Patron gameplay but not only is it not being played much on the ladder, but it is a difficult deck to play correctly and the win rates aren't at the point of cards they've nerfed in the past.
  • Power level reasons aren't why they nerf things, it's all about how fun cards are to play against.
  • Poisoned Blade's intention was to bring back the original Rogue hero power in a more balanced form. It does seem less good if you didn't get to play with it during Hearthstone's beta.
  • Dragons are in an awesome place right now.

Internal Stats

Ben talked about some of the internal stats they keep track of.

  • Class breakdowns of grouping of cards.
  • Individual card win rates.
  • Groups of cards win rates.
  • Individual players and their win rates of individual decks.

Strength in Numbers - Weekly Card Design Competition

This week's card design competition, Strength in Numbers, is now live! The entry theme this week is to design a card which has an effect that depends on the number of minions on the battlefield, such as Sea Giant or Frostwolf Warlord. It gets a little bit more complicated though, more details on which can be found in the submission thread.

So what are you waiting for? Winners get bragging rights and a fancy avatar border, so go submit your entry today! If you'd like to discuss this week's entries, you can do so as always in the discussion thread. Good luck!

Hearthstone Probability Guide

TheAnimaker has put together quite the thread which discusses probability in Hearthstone over on the forums. The thread details card reliability by turn, odds of getting that mulligan you wanted, individual card outcomes, and more! Go check it out, and leave a comment!


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