Nozdormu Jousting Bug has been Hotfixed, Hearthstone Loot Crate Goodies

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Nozdormu Jousting Bug Hotfixed

Blizzard has released a hotfix for the Nozdormu + Joust bug which was allowing players to force their opponent's to skip over their turn due to the Joust animation taking forever.

We've included a video of Kripparrian explaining and displaying the bug in this week's Tavern Brawl in addition to today's hotfixes.

Quote from Whirthun

  • It is no longer possible to detect when a minion that has been used in a Joust has been drawn.
  • Resolved an issue with Nozdormu and Joust that resulted in players losing a large portion of individual turns.

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Loot Crate September Contains 2 Hearthstone Items

As announced today on the official @PlayHearthstone Twitter, the previously announced September Loot Crate will contain two Hearthstone related items. They're running a code to save $3 off the cost of the crate if you checkout with the coupon code HEARTHSTONE.

If interested, you can order your own here.

Quote from @PlayHearthstone
Two items comes to this month! Use code HEARTHSTONE & save $3!



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