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Power Core Card Back at BlizzCon EU Finals

It looks like the Power Core card back is going to be available at the BlizzCon European Finals which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic from October 3-4. You can check out the official European Road to BlizzCon site here, and find more details can be found below.

Quote from Blizzard

The 2015 European Road to BlizzCon is coming to Prague, Czech Republic from October 3-4, and you definitely won’t want to miss one of the biggest Blizzard eSports events of the year. Some of the best Heroes of the Storm,Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft players in Europe will gather to battle it out in exciting European Championships for glory, some serious prize money, and the chance to compete at BlizzCon in November!

In addition to the adrenaline-charged tournaments, we’ll also have pro StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void show matches, as well as Overwatch playable on 120 PCs.

For those planning a trip to Prague for the big event, free tickets are available—and they come with free digital rewards for those who attend! When registering for a ticket, you’ll be asked to include your Battle.net email address. Once you check in at the O2 Arena for the event, you’ll be the proud owner of the Heroes of the Storm Illidan Hero and Shan'do skin as well as the exclusive Hearthstone Power Core card back.

Ticket quantities are limited, but this is only the first wave. If you’re unable to claim a spot at the event this time, additional tickets will be made available very soon, so stay tuned. For ticket and event details, head to the new 2015 European Road to BlizzCon website at www.eurtb2015.com.

The website is also the place to be if you can’t make it to the event in person—we’ll have you covered with live streams and replays for all the tournament matches, as well as a few show matches!

Coming Soon

The event schedule will soon be updated on the website, allowing you to see all upcoming eSports matches at a glance.

Also coming soon to the website is a Teams and Players section, where you’ll be able to check out who’s qualified so far and keep track of your favorite teams and players!

TGT Card Pack Opening Statistics

Tonight we've got some stats to share from a community card pack opening collaboration which features 14825 card packs opened. The card packs were collected via game log files thanks to users on our forums and data from the HearthSim community.

Overall, the opening of TGT card packs was on point with data collected last year from classic card packs.

Card Rarity Distribution

The table below shows the total number of cards dropped by rarity and the chance a card inside of a pack will be that rarity.

Legendary 696 0.94% 56 0.08% 752 1.01%
Epic 3029 4.09% 143 0.19% 3172 4.28%
Rare 16017 21.61% 934 1.26% 16951 22.87%
Common 52153 70.36% 1097 1.48% 53250 71.84%
Total 71895 96.99% 2230 3.01% 74125 100.00%

Chance for a Card to be Golden by Rarity

How often will a legendary card be a golden legendary? It turns out its about 8% of the time.

Percentage Golden 8.05% 4.72% 5.83% 2.10% 3.10%
Rough Probability 1 in 13.4 1 in 22.2 1 in 18.1 1 in 48.5 1 in 33.2

Chance for a Card to be a Class Card

One class clearly comes out on top.. right? Sorry, not really the case!

Total Cards 29562 4959 4988 4903 4887 4943 5002 5003 4941 4937
% Chance 39.88% 6.69% 6.73% 6.61% 6.59% 6.67% 6.75% 6.75% 6.67% 6.66%

Top 10 Common Card Pulls by Rarity

Below information includes both regular and golden versions of each card.

Opened 50 Times

Opened 145 Times

Opened 510 Times

Opened 1145 Times

Icehowl (50) Elemental Destruction (145) Tiny Knight of Evil (510) King's Elekk (1145)
Skycap'n Kragg (49) Kodorider (131) Effigy (506) Lance Carrier (1145)
Eadric the Pure (49) Lock and Load (130) Savage Combatant (502) Maiden of the Lake (1144)
Acidmaw (48) Mulch (128) Armored Warhorse (497) Holy Champion (1139)
Nexus-Champion Saraad (48) Dreadsteed (128) Ram Wrangler (494) North Sea Kraken (1137)
Wilfred Fizzlebang (45) Sea Reaver (127) Spawn of Shadows (491) Orgrimmar Aspirant (1136)
Bolf Ramshield (45) Arcane Blast (127) Fist of Jaraxxus (489) Totem Golem (1135)
Chillmaw (42) Coldarra Drake (125) Cutpurse (489) Frigid Snobold (1130)
Justicar Trueheart (38) Sideshow Spelleater (122) Mogor's Champion (489) Ancestral Knowledge (1127)
Gormok the Impaler (38) Poisoned Blade (122) Shady Dealer (489) Dragonhawk Rider (1119)

Top 10 Rarest Card Pulls by Rarity

Below information includes both regular and golden versions of each card.

Opened 26 Times

Opened 101 Times

Opened 419 Times

Opened 1010 Times

Eydis Darkbane (26) Magnataur Alpha (101) Saboteur (419) Kvaldir Raider (1010)
Anub'arak (27) Stablemaster (102) Void Crusher (425) Brave Archer (1023)
Dreadscale (27) Enter the Coliseum (102) Master Jouster (428) Tournament Medic (1027)
Confessor Paletress (28) Charged Hammer (103) Fencing Coach (436) Flame Juggler (1035)
Aviana (28) Frost Giant (104) Thunder Bluff Valiant (447) Flame Lance (1046)
The Mistcaller (28) Master of Ceremonies (107) Convert (449) Bear Trap (1050)
Rhonin (31) Recruiter (109) Light's Champion (451) Clockwork Knight (1051)
Varian Wrynn (33) Crowd Favorite (111) Tuskarr Jouster (453) Fearsome Doomguard (1052)
Fjola Lightbane (36) Dark Bargain (111) King's Defender (454) Druid of the Saber (1052)
The Skeleton Knight (36) Shadowfiend (111) Draenei Totemcarver (454) Seal of Champions (1053)

Top 5 Card Packs by Dust Value

Pack values were determined by adding the disenchant value of each card. Did you open any better?

Did you know? The average dust value per pack is 98.311 Arcane Dust.

This is what a winning pack looks like!

Rog 2060 Dreadsteed Bear Trap Tuskarr Totemic Acidmaw Dragonhawk Rider
HearthSim 2030 Pit Fighter Arcane Blast Justicar Trueheart Living Roots Tiny Knight of Evil
HearthSim 2015 Chillmaw Mulch Demonfuse Tuskarr Totemic Clockwork Knight
Airowird 1745 Confessor Paletress Recruiter Pit Fighter Argent Lance Cutpurse
HearthSim 1730 Stablemaster Mogor's Champion Warhorse Trainer Shado-Pan Rider Acidmaw

Loot Crate September Contains Hearthstone Loot

If you're looking for potential Hearthstone collectibles, Loot Crate announced today on Twitter that the September crate's theme is "Summon" and part of the crate will contain Hearthstone item(s). There's 23 days left to order your September crate, and you can do so here.



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