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No Spells in Tavern Brawl Bug Fixed

This week's Tavern Brawl, Encounter at the Crossroads, has a bug preventing the random decks we've been playing from having spells in them. Zeriyah confirmed on Twitter earlier today it will be fixed.

As of 9:40 PM EDT this evening, we were receiving spells in our brawl decks and consider this fixed. Flamewakers, prepare for battle!

Quote from Zeriyah
Are the spells missing from the decks in this week's Tavern Brawl intentional, or a bug?
Are their certain spells in particular that seem to be missing?
Have you been able to confirm as well?
Confirmed, we'll be rolling out a fix for this.
Ok. Thanks for the heads up!
It's like two Tavern Brawls in one! >_>

TGT Arena Tier List

Our Arena Tier List has been given an initial update for The Grand Tournament! If you're looking for some help in the arena during your draft phase, check out the tier list and don't forget to leave your feedback. Also be sure to check out the Arena forum to ask questions, discuss your games, and to give other players advice about their adventures in the arena.

The Angry Chicken Podcast #99

This week on The Angry Chicken Podcast, the crew discussed all things The Grand Tournament! They opened some card packs during the podcast, and talked about the different decks they've been seeing and playing on both Ladder and in the Arena.

The Angry Chicken is a Hearthstone podcast featuring GarrettDills, and Jocelyn who discuss the latest Hearthstone happenings, strategy, and stories. You can find previous episodes of TAC over on their YouTube channel.

This channel is a part of the Union For Gamers Network.
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Awaiting for Authorization Issue

Some players have encountered issues while trying to make purchases from the Hearthstone store on mobile devices. Sapperwix laid out  a couple of steps to follow to try and resolve the issue.

Quote from Sapperwix
Hey all,
Wanted to provide some context since I know a handful of you are running into the issue where the client sticks on the Waiting For Authorization spinner. Basically when a purchase fails (due to loss of connection to the shop or errors in the processing) we attempt to resolve by trying to continue to communicate with the storefront. There are other things going on to stop you from making duplicate purchases because duplicate purchases only makes the problem bigger and broader, this was a part of the issues experienced back during Naxx launch.

Anyways, we do have a way to self-fix your client if you get stuck in Waiting For Auth loop.
Steps to fix

    1. Completely close your client (by removing it from active applications on your device) and restart it.
    2. Let it sit on the Waiting for Auth spinner for about 10 minutes. I know it's a bit long, we're working on it but right now it's the safest way to insure we don't lose the transaction.
    3. Close and restart your client again.
    4. The purchase should be resolved as either a pass where you receive your product or a fail where you can get back to the shop.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our processes.



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