TGT Launches Tomorrow, Top Decks of the Week, 10 Best Cards in TGT

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Update - TGT Will Not Release Before 1pm EDT

Blizzard just tweeted that TGT will not release before 1pm EDT. This means TGT can release anytime on or after 1:01pm EDT.  You can see the translated tweet below.

Quote from hearthstone_es
Patience, the Grand Tournament will not be available before 19:00 ! What is your favorite card #TGT ?

TGT Launches Tomorrow

One month after its initial announcement, The Grand Tournament launches tomorrow on August 24th. Unfortunately, we don't have a official launch time yet from Blizzard, but there was some computer clock trickery that was allowing us to see the sealed packs ribbon removed at 2 PM EDT on Aug 24. This still isn't official confirmation, so take it with a grain of salt. Important info:

  • Last chance to safely pre-order for your Triumphant card back and 10 "free" packs is today.
  • We've rounded up important clarifications on TGT cards.
  • TGT introduces 132 collectible cards. View them all here.
    • Each class has 1 Legendary, 2 Epics,  3 Rares, and 3 Commons. Hunters get 2 Legendaries.
    • There are 50 Neutral minions. 10 Legendaries, 9 Epics, 9 Rares, and 22 Commons.
  • Our deckbuilder already has support for TGT, go theorycraft some new decks!
    • You can find other community created TGT decks over here.

Top Constructed Decks of the Week

The last week of top constructed decks for the BRM era! Hopefully we see some brand new TGT decks next week.

 Mech Mage SkyQuon 4260
 Midrange Shaman Ottigan 8060
 Oil Rogue simply_al 3360
 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 760
 "Eggbert" Token Druid Rhadan 4560
 Control Paladin SteefHS 6980
 Infinite Paladin blenyc 8140

10 Best Cards in TGT

Our friends over on the Curse YouTube channel created a video showcasing their 10 best cards in TGT. Check out the video below, and let us know in the comments whether you agree and what your top 10 cards in TGT are.

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