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    posted a message on You know the nerf bat has been swinging when .....

    You get stomped by a MURLOC MAGE! ?

    What other interesting decks have you seen since the meta shift? 

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    posted a message on Both players dying = I won?!?
    Quote from linkinboy0 >>


    Quote from SamHobbs494 >>

    I had the same result through a different situation and it was a loss for me, even though my opponent died first.

     Be aware that no matter the graphics and how the match is showed, it depends on how the game develops and the effect order.

     A great example is the "Abomination" druid deck. Long story short, the final combo deals 40 damage to both players. 

    Personally, I think that once a players life reaches 0, the game should end, but in the case of that deck, both players will die (unless you have more than 40 life/armor). What seems even more odd is that if you play a Shudderwock, once your opponent dies, the effect stops.  

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    posted a message on Who purposely does not play Tier 1 decks? Why?

    I don't intentionally avoid them, but I also don't go out of my way to play them. Also, I probably have never played more than a game or two with any "netdeck" without changing at least a card or two. 

    Personally, I don't care for aggro decks, so I never jumped on the Paladin bandwagon. I already have my warlock golden portrait, so I haven't jumped on the cube train either. My luck is about as shitty as it can be, so Spiteful decks have never really been a thing for me. 

    But, that being said, I also enjoy winning, so I tend to steer clear of playing my homebrew decks on ladder. 

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    posted a message on Why does charge exist?


    Quote from Alexandru_91 >>

    You will never use this card on a minion that can attack without the need of this card to be used so that only means :

    This card is just Rush and is different than Devilsaur because its a spell cannot be recruited to bypass battlecry so is basically Rush as intended use ( aka not to be used on a minion that could attack normally).

    Just a Rush with the name of Charge as intended use.

     Fixed that for you. 
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    posted a message on (POLL) Kripp and the sniper guild

    Why should (or would) Blizzard do anything to prevent snipers? 

    If you don't want to be sniped,

    (a), don't choose to make your living playing a game on a live stream
    (b) use the tools provided by Twitch (delay, ect) to deal with the problem yourself

    Blizzard has ZERO responsibility in this. If any third party does, it would be Twitch. But the main responsibility lies with the streamer.  

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - The Caverns Below/Crystal Core


    Quote from IambicAvenger >>

    This is a pretty significant shift in favor of control decks which don't see a ton of play today. In particular, I'm thinking of Odd Warrior and Odd Mage. Flamestrike and Reckless Flurry + Tank Up! will be very effective ways to deal with a massive board presence, which in turn could make Quest Rogue players a little slower to build up a board and a little slower to kill opponents.

     This was my first thought as well, especially since those 2 decks (Jaina Control Mage and Tank Up Control Warrior) have been my two main decks for the last couple seasons. 

    I think it will help, but if the pilot of the rogue deck is smart, it won't help enough. They just wont over commit. If they just start chipping you down, you have no choice but to pop the spells, and once they are gone, you are still toast. 
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    posted a message on Card Nerf - The Caverns Below/Crystal Core


    Quote from Anatak89 >>


    In case people wanted to quickly look at what people said when it was revealed haha.  Some people saw its potential, but no one seemed to believe it was broken.

     lol .. that was actually fun reading. Amazing how many people didn't see just how broken this card was going to be 
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    posted a message on Changes That Could've Saved Disco Lock

    IMHO, 2 relatively minor changes may have made it viable. Summoning portal Imps should be boosted somehow. Maybe make it a choose one effect ... 2/4 Taunt, or 3/2 vanilla, or 1/3 Lifesteal. 

    The second would be making Blood Queen and Clutchmother untargetable. What is the point in having minions that you literally spend 2/3 of the game setting up, only to have them removed or silenced? 

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    posted a message on Cubelock nerfed too much?


    Quote from steeleon1972 >>

    It will still be all over the ladder until next spring, unless a good tech card comes out next expansion. I don't see this weakening it enough.

     My thoughts exactly. I don't think it will affect it hardly at all. The biggest problem in the deck was Doomguard charge, especially from Gul"Dan, and that wasn't touched. 

    Voidlord's are a pain in the ass, but they rarely beat you. Having 2 or 3 or more 5/7 chargers coming at you at once ... gets ya every time 
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    posted a message on Which variation, of Big Spell Mage worth to build?

    I cut Dragoncaller a while back. I just never seemed to get value out of her. Either by that point in the game, I had it won already, and it maybe forced a concede, or, it just got wiped one way or the other. 

    Now ... here me out here :-) 

    Try running The Darkness. You can thank me later. 

    It wrecks spiteful decks with the candles. 

    It gives your Raven Familiar better odds of winning the joust. 

    It gives you a solid finisher. 

    I actually put it in my deck as kind of a meme, and I can tell you it has won me more games than Allana ever did 

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    posted a message on Post nerf predictions?


    Quote from badhank14 >>

    Naga Sea Witch is up to 8 mana with the same effect

    Spiteful Summoner is up to 7 mana with the same effect

    Dark Pact will now heal for 4 instead of 8; same cost

    Possessed Lackey will now cost 6 with the same effect

    Call to Arms will now cost 5 with the same effect

    The Caverns Below will now reward by making minions 4/4 instead of 5/5



    I don't play Wild much, so not sure how the NSW nerf will effect that side. What little wild play I did do, I never saw a lot of giant decks, but then again, I don't think I ever went beyond rank 10. 

    I don't think Spiteful change will have much effect on Spiteful Druid due to ramp, but will probably knock Spiteful Priest down quite a bit. 

    CTA will probably kill off even Paladin, but it already was starting to seem like Odd Paladin was the better deck. 

    Dark Pact / Lackey likely won't knock warlock down all that much. They still have a lot of tools in the box to work with. 

    Not sure what to think about Quest Rogue. Only thing this change does is maybe give Control Mage and Control Warrior a little more chance, but I still think it will continue to beat slow decks and lose to fast one ... it will just take one more turn to win. 

    I do think the changes will shake things up for a while, but in the end, I think it all settles back down pretty close to where it was.  
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    posted a message on Will secret burn be the new meta?


    Quote from DrGlyph >>

    I think druid ist going to be the top tier again, I think the spiteful nerf will not be enough to stop that and I think hadronox druid will also be maybe the new cube lock 

     That is honestly my initial thoughts as well. Even if spiteful is played on T7, a 4/4 and a 12/12 is still tough to deal with. And that doesn't factor in ramp. That doesn't however mean it is a bad nerf. It's one more turn that they could draw both UI. It's one more turn for their opponent to find an answer. So actually, it will hopefully be just enough to tone it down, but not kill the card completely. 
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    posted a message on Will secret burn be the new meta?

    I expect it to spike for a while, but then get pushed back. The good thing about it is that it can have an explosive opener that can pretty much beat anything. The bad thing is, if it doesn't explode out of the gate, it gets beat by anything that can heal or gain armor. 

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    posted a message on Let's talk about Chameleos.

    It is a great card. The problem it is having is that Priest is kinda stuck in the middle of the pack right now with some pretty good decks. If the nerfs tone things down a bit, priest may start seeing more play, and I think Chameleos will be a big part of that. 

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    posted a message on Now can we talk about armor removal tech?


    Quote from SunbleachedAngel >>

    Why tho? Armor isnt a problem in any way, except it counters OTK decks (and not even all of them) which is completely reasonable.

     I see it like others looked at Ice Block. (Which, BTW, I was against having moved to HoF). 

    A perfect example was while playing against a druid, I had fought hard. made smart trades, and was looking at lethal ... until they dropped both Furious Howl's to buy them an extra turn to pull off their combo. 
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