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    The devs said the feature wouldn't work properly right away, it needs time to collect data. I tried an autocomplete deck a few days ago, tried it again today and it was giving me a lot of the same cards as before (several of the same bad neutrals to be exact). Also tried to put in Antonidas and two sorcerer's apprentices to see if it would give some sort of quest OTK mage, and it didn't come close. But in the coming weeks it should start to work!

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    So you're presented with this, wisp, and shatter. Do you really pick wisp?

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    You've stumbled upon the glorious meme potential here. Obviously you want to play Explore when you have drawn Geist, then play the Geist to destroy your deck and concede.

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    YES! I've been WAITING for this effect! Just one Thaurissan tick, play Majordomo Executus, Treachery, Corruption

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    Pretty tough to set that up with Deathwing: Dragonlord, about the only way you can do it without a million Thaurissan ticks.

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    This is a buff to Free From Amber.

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    Add a random Tirion, SeemsGood

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    Just ignore the text... that's a 3 mana 2/5. Much like Coliseum Manager but kind of the opposite effect as inspire, in a way. There is no drawback if you are curving out. Really good card to get as warrior in arena, since your hero power is useless already, and your opponent's isn't.

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    Created by Lyra the Sunshard

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    I think a lot of people are forgetting that. You have to actually put cards with lifesteal, divine shield, taunt and windfury in your deck, and they all have to be in the deck on the turn you play this. Taunt is easy enough, but we will have to wait and see what classes will actually put good cards with all of those different effects to get full value. Right now, people aren't running windfury cards, and lifesteal is mostly restricted to this set. So far I don't see this outside of Paladin and Shaman.

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