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    Idd, the best part of that clip was his face. He was just staring in awe of what just happened.

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    This is starter, aka getting those green cards will be hard enough as it is. You do not want to gather even more when you begin. What the builder is trying to show is in order to be succesful you will need card draw, value of money and a couple of buff cards that work nicely in general.

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    posted a message on (updated 4/9/14) Mage Secret Deck - 78% win rate

    I don't know for sure, but I think the Ethereal Arcanist will only get +2/+2 at end of turn, no matter how much secrets you have. 

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    I play a deck which is similar. I must say that Novice Engineer does not bring much to a deck like this, since you have Loot Hoarder already (who could also be changed). 
    However, I do not agree with Lenor about the Flametongue Totem. It helps me a lot by making the totems a threat and it also is a very nice lightning rod. A lot of removal cards are used on it. 

    Aside from this, I believe that each deck should have a couple of win scenarios and I don't really see them in a deck like this. I like decks like this, because there are a couple of things that can make you win quickly. Bloodlust is a great card for this. Maybe you want to put 1 back in. I have won almost all my games with a nicely timed Bloodlust or a [card]Windspeaker[\card].

    Sidenote: Far Sight is not as crap as it looks, although there are better cards out there. Far Sight allows you to draw a card, which is always good and depending on the situation you can use the drawn card this turn or save it later for some nice combo's. Remember that we all take into account how much mana the other player has when we make decisions. We are still in beta, so since you have 2 of them, try to play around with it and see how it works for you.

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    Nice read for starting players. Maybe you could further emphasize which things are more important than others. A short summary of the entire article might come in handy, although that might defeat the purpose of writing the article itself. 

    Keep it up and I'm looking forward to read more in depth material.

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    The arena could use a little bit of work imo. The theme of the class you choose is not reflected as much as I would have liked. If we get to choose from class only cards just a couple more times, we might be able to get more synergy between the cards we choose.

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