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    posted a message on Patchnotes 23.2.2 - Drek'thar Nerf & more Buffs and Nerfs - Battlegrounds too

    Should be at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 19:00 CEST/ 18:00 BST today, but there's always that chance something goes wrong and they have to postpone till later in the day, especially with a patch that has come together late, like this one.

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    posted a message on The Fury of Kael'thas - Tavern Brawl #362
    Quote from ParkettbodenAUT >>

    Why is deck building for tavern brawl not working at this website? I only can choose: Standard, Wild or Classic.
    Or am I missing something?

    Just wanted to publish a mage deck, got my pack at T2.

     You have to go through the basic steps.

    1) Choose Standard or Wild or Classic, whatever the deck is

    2) Choose Class

    3) Build deck

    4) Start with saving the deck

    5) At the pop-up where you can write your blurb and title and choose what Archetype it is you can also choose what Type of deck it is, like this:

    It will default to Ranked Deck, so you need to put it to Tavern Brawl with that drop down for it to pop up on front page :)

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    posted a message on Patch Coming Thursday - Balance Changes in BG and Constructed!

    This Article was updated to reflect that had actually intended the tweet message to be "Patch is this Thursday" and not just that details were coming.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Noblegarden

    Battlegrounds doesn't use anything from card packs, so if we are to get drops from these streams it;s probably going to need to be something BG related.

    I also suspect that Blizz might want to know what the "natural" viewerbase is for these tournaments before they start forcing people to tune in due to rewards.

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    posted a message on Everybunny Get In Here is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Yeah, like any Brawl there's rules/peculiarities that you need to learn and keep in mind. Once you have those figured out after 1 or 2 times then it's an enjoyable enough brawl.

    Pro tips:

    - this Brawl starts slow, have patience for it to start developing

    -  don't spam all your cards at once. The strongest start is to just have lots of dyes and apply the strongest ones to your new egg, at least the first few turns.

    - Dye strength (imo): +2/+2 > Divine Shield > Poison > Rush = Stealth > Lifesteal >>>>> Windfury

    Windfury is win more, and even then you are better off with most of the others except probably situationally Lifesteal

    - Play for board control, get in a position where you get to dictate the trades, soon enough you'll have excess minions to go face with.

    - If you have lost board control it is VERY hard to come back, unless you get some kind of AoE spell among your class spells, and even then it's not a great situation to be in.

    - If you overplayed your hand and are topdecking and have no board, it's probably best to hit the concede button and try again instead of dragging it out for several more turns while your opponent hits you in the face slowly.

    - Sometimes you get a 1/1 while your opponent gets a well statted minion. Sometimes several times. Concede -> breathe -> Smile -> Try again. It happens.


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    posted a message on Everybunny Get In Here is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I thought this too, but, then I realized it is to keep in sync with the Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event, which is also named "Noblegarden".

    Noblegarden is not actually easter, it's only supposed to be somewhat reminiscent. So they probably figured that as long as it was still in Spring and vaguely in the correct time frame that it was good enough? idk

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    posted a message on Username Change Request Thread
    Quote from TheUnhappySavage >>

    Hello, could i have a name change from TheUnhappySavage to datguyalves?

    Thank you in advance.


     That name was already taken. I have issued you a nickname credit. Simply log out of the site and log back in and you will be prompted to change it.

    Quote from elvishak >>

    Yo, could someone please give me a credit too? Thanks in advance.

     I have issued you a nickname credit, as requested. Simply log out of the site and log back in and you will be prompted to change your name.

    Quote from MetalManiacMc >>

    Hello! Could you change my username to MetalManiacMc to be consistant with all my other account names?
    Why did I name it IronFist in the first place? Not sure, must have been 3am.

     Done. :)

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    posted a message on Come and troll people....thats all they do on this forum anyhow....farewell toxic community

    This thread was barely staying on topic as is and has run its course. Closing here.



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    posted a message on Patchnotes 23.2 - Rise of the Naga - Buddies Rotating - Amalgadon Gone!

    Yeah full patch notes should be out early next week. Our ever vigilant Imik caught a tweet that was deleted shortly after which speaks of the Patch coming May 10th. That means Patchnotes on Monday or an hour before the Patch is due on Tuesday (they have used both methods).


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