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    This thread is not generating any positive contributions to this site from anyone, OP included, so closign this here.



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    No. What you all need to do is simply follow the posting guidelines and the forum rules and report people that break them.

    We're not having some vigilante rules instituted just cause some people can;t behave. 

    Report and move on with your day, don't engage bad posters and bad posting. 



    Closing this here.

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?

    Stay on topic

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    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>

    I would suggest getting the "Golden Celebration" Card Back. Good luck getting it though.

     This one:


    But, as he indicated, it's hard to get. You need to get a significant finish in an officially sanctioned Blizzard esports event, like Masters Tour.

    Very cool card back though, which kind of underlines your idea that it would be a cool idea. :)

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    Quote from Jaden607 >>


    I suggest maybe posting the decks that counter the druid decks, since many people seem to be struggling to play against/find it unfun to play against.  

    I did mention on 3 of the decks their positive win rates against Druid. I know people are either playing Druid or countering it. :)

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    My work is making interesting content for the news, I don't do program development.

    Similarly the devs just do program development and don't create content for the frontpage.

    2 different jobs.

    We know Innkeeper being broken is annoying and we wish we had had it fixed already, but it's not, and randomly complaining about it in unrelated threads or news posts is not going to speed the process up. 

    When we have news on that front it will be announced, rest assured.

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    Quote from N0xshus >>

    I must be the only one who hasn’t encounter a single druid today. Thank god lol

     I played mostly Druid tonight and I played against an astonishing amount of Rogues and Paladins and very few other classes. Just one of those things where it seems weird and evens out when you play more days.

    As to Lightning Bloom being busted, I don't think it is. The overload hurts your next turn badly. I think Druid just has a package of cards that are all a little bit busted and it's the combination of them that hurts. Druid has basically no early game except to ramp as quckly as they can into their actual game plan. No Ramp = ded. You basically need all that mana ramping or the deck doesn't work at all. But, when you DO get that ramping done, it's a hard deck to stop.

    It's just kind of binary. When it works, it works a little too well probably. When it doesn't work, it falls very flat. Putting the druid under pressure while he's trying to ramp, making a board he needs to deal with is probably key to getting a win.

    My losses all happened when I was not ramping up in the early game and my opponent pressured. The only exception was when I ramped and used most of my cards into getting 2 fat minions on board and my Rogue opponent discovered Devolving missiles from Wand Thief, and turned my fat minions in to easily clearable trash. I didn;t have the time or card draw to get more stuff nor deal with his board so I just died 2 turns later.

    I think Beast/Ramp Druid will probably end up similar to Embiggen Druid. It's pretty straightforward to pilot and has some obvious big threats, but once you know their gameplan they are not all that hard to deal with.

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    Seems like it was already a 5/5 when you transformed it into a 3/3 and killed it. That it then spawns as a 4/4 seems logical in a way, but I get the expectation that it would have gone to 2/2.

    I guess Turalyon is not a true transform, but a debuff, and that it therefor doesn't work like you had expected it.

    I don't think it's a bug, but more a question of needing to have seen this interaction once to know how it works.

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    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    12:00pm CDT

    10:00am PDT

    11:00am MDT

    1:00pm EDT

    6:00pm BST

    5:00pm GMT

     And 19:00 CEST, aka Western Europe and Scandinavia

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    Playing Devil's Advocate: If the past has taught me anything about new and developing metas, it's usually that people try to add too many new cards, and not too few.

    Not that this Evolve deck is good or not, but just generally speaking.

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