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    posted a message on Minus MMR for winning

    Doubt this story. You won't lose MMR for winning, especially on that low MMR.

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    posted a message on Despite losing popularity, Hearthstone makes money

    Of course it is still making money.
    But have in mind: The goal is a growth. Especially the shareholders and the people on top of Activision Blizzard want a growth each and every year. There is a reason they bring up a battle pass because it's more money when people buy it with almost no effort. 

    These companies are not happy when they are making money with it, they want more money every year. 
    And if they make terrible decisions like they did recently it won't grow. If a game is usually showing no sign of growth anymore it mostly gets put in mainteneance mode, which means no big development anymore.



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    posted a message on You people deserve sweet f all - Opinion on the community

    You knoiw, that you should spent money to get what you need, absolutely right.

    But getting almost nothing for 120 bucks preorder, then a bad new system, that is wrong, and that happened massively this time. SOlem's video was insane, 120 preorder packs, 5 legendaries, it's disgusting.

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    posted a message on The current state of Battlegrounds is?

    I lost all faith in the BG Balancing team anyway. Not only the release of Ragnaros, who is still number 1 after heavy nerfs, is just unbelievable.

    But the overall Highroll potential is insane, and it is, like in standard, an absolute crap design.
    Within two turns again the same player from a win with 60% win chance to a 100% lethal loss.

    In any good game this would not be able.

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    posted a message on Duelist Guide: Tips for Early Access Duels

    Play Mage. Best tip you can get.
    The balancing in the first released state is already that off.
    And seeing how fast BG went to highroll dipshit, they once again prooved this team is not capable to further develop anything for this game.

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    posted a message on DH has the healing potential of a priest and hits like a truck
    Quote from fabjx >>
    Quote from kitrox >>

     Why do you compare 2 completely different classes with different cards and different playstyle? And yes priest can also deal even more damage and healing in 1 round with for example buffed minion with lifesteal

    Yes I can compare. A class that can do so much damage should not be able to heal for that much at the same time with little possibility for the opponent to prevent it. The priest lifesteal minion can be removed before 1) getting so big 2) hitting your face or anything else. DH draws its lifesteal weapon and if you dont have a weapon removal in your deck or hand at that very moment the combo with Soulshard lapidary and twin slice is just insane not to mention the fact that he can still at the same time clear your board with blade dance. This combo is not hard to get with the ridiculous draw potential they have. 

     These cards you mentioned are nowhere close to be played in the meta decks right now.
    Low MMR, right?

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    posted a message on Patch 18.2 nerfs!!

    Why are people crying about Druid? It is annoying in the rare cases it actually highrolls, but cmon, there are so many decks beating it with no problems at al. From Paladin to Rogue to demonhunter to Mages, both Highlander and no minions.

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    posted a message on Libram Paladin is in desperate need of nerfs

    Yo guys should learn about counters. There is a reason rogues are now everywhere.

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    posted a message on "I want this game to be balanced!" VS "I want to win at all cost!"
    Quote from tripzplash >>
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from Doomsquad0930 >>
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from Doomsquad0930 >>
    Quote from tripzplash >>
    Quote from AIM7Sparrow >>

    I'm part of the group that thinks you post too many useless threads.

     agree this guy make like 100 post per week where 95% of them is just useless post just to get +1 for hes post count

     Agree completely, I haven't seen a post that this guy hasn't created/commented on.  

    What can I say? I always love to have the last word in every debate! :P

     I can see that - you certainly post a lot of nonsense (i.e. this post).

    "Nonsense"? Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, uh, your opinion, man.

    Stay on topic.

     allrdy 3 have said it in this post so not only hes opinions... its like 50% of the forum who thing you only he for your post count and posting lots of useless post

     You can find him in the internet and social media pretty easy. This guy is a loner.
    It's probably his only way of communication.

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    posted a message on Trick Totem: Good or Trash?

    It's a typical casino card. My experience is as expected. Sometimes fuck RNG, sometimes RNG hell yeah.

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