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    posted a message on I just hit Legendary rank on Standard(Season 75) using my Demon Hunter Tempo deck

    These threads are kinda annoying now. Yes, you are happy for your first time becoming legend...whatever.

    Becoming legend alone is so fast and easy now it is worth absolutely nothing, Last season the bottom Legend ranks per region where like 70-80k...
    Before the changes 5k was already damn low legend.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Tier Lists - Top 15 Battlegrounds Rank EU

    Malygos is damn low in average rank, he was never close to being good.
    Too much RNG dependant, you need to have insane luck to get what you need from his HP

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    If I lose one more time because of an "RNG" generated Dragonqueen ALexstrasza in Arena I will fucking blow up Blizz HQ

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    posted a message on [BG] Pirates Patch discussion


    The first joke clip is on point. 
    You Highroll the perfect builds or you are fucked in a very short time.

    And the balancing patch changed like nothing...as I said before. 

    I don't know what is wrong in the Dev team right now, but no matter which mode, the balancing in the year so far was a disaster.

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    posted a message on Now everyone’s going to cry about highlander hunter next
    Quote from Ravzar >>



    Quote from CodyCandy >>
    Quote from user-100053992 >>

    highlander hunter isn't that strong compared to DH. 

     ....you do realize highlander hunter has had a higher win rate then DH ever since their second nerf?

     Not in D4+ ranks. Hsreplay win rates and tier list are just wrong. 

    Aggro DH will still smash HL Hunter, it's just they won't do it on turn 4 as often. They still will but mostly they will actually have to play to turn 7 or 8. You auto win vs HL hunter simply by playing battlefiend + sidekick or satyr + sidekick. They have no answer so they just lose. The complainers will be the bad DH players who are stuck in low diamond who won't be able to adjust. They are out in force right now trying to hit legend before their nerf. 

    What you need to be worried about are the spell druids, not the hunters. Hunter is an expensive deck. Spell druid plays itself. Very easy, guaranteed legend. 

    HSreplay winrates are not correct, alright.
    Tenthousands of games recorded daily. 

    Math likes to talk to you, especially stochastics.

    Only because you feel it otherwise these numbers are not wrong. I hope you have hsreplay premium to see the real data for that rank.

    And Spell Druid has too many flaws, feels unstoppable if everything comes out perfect for them. And they have a hard counter in the meta with Galakrond Priest. Even Control Shaman performs very well against them.

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    posted a message on Patch 17.4.1 - Twin Slice Nerf - Battlegrounds Balance Changes
    Quote from Star_Forge >>

    Neutering? It's still #1 on HSReplay, only left that spot for about a week to Hunter, then took it back with a vengeance. No neutering, simply putting it in its place, next to the rest.

     But you need Premium to see the real data that is important.
    It's on #1 because it shows the data from all ranks on the main page. There it is succesful because it is an cheap and good deck to build for the low rank people.
    If you dig into Diamond 5 - Legend the Demonhunter was not that good at all anymore. And not even played that much anymore anyway.

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    posted a message on Patch 17.4.1 - Twin Slice Nerf - Battlegrounds Balance Changes

    The problem definetly comes from Altruis the Outcast.

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    posted a message on Meta shift
    Quote from shad0wseek3r >>

    Idk so far ive been winning with beast comps, i literally forced it every game when that tribe was playable. Got numerous b2b wins, other than that, murlocs and some weird menagerie builds work for me.

    Beast Macaw Build is beyond broken and Macaw needs to be removed asap. Most unhealthiest thing they brought so far.

    EVERY heroes best build is the same. Only 8% of wins stated from hsreplay are not that build in some way.
    Other way around, you don't get it you get fucked.

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    posted a message on My suggestion for a Macaw nerf

    The Macaw triggered the bomb two times combined with the Rivendare. I won directly after that in the last round of the game.
    I. Won. With. One. Attack. On. The. Last. Round.

    The Macaw has to be removed, Tier 4 would not have saved anything because I got them after I was Tier 4 anyway. Still another Faceroll round.

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    posted a message on My suggestion for a Macaw nerf

    Changing that thing to Tier 4 would not make a change at all. Early, yes. But you can counter it early. This thing simply decides the endgame. You have it or you won't win probably.

    Right now there is probably only the possibility to remove it completely or nerf it to death. Deathrattle builds before were already strong, they don't need it anyway. I think it has to be removed asap.

    HSreplay data shows that overs 92% of the winners have the Macaw. Big Nope.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone's MM is *NOT* rigged and is *NOT* keeping everyone at 50% win rate

    HSReplay deep data diggin'

    Razakus Priests have gotten Coldarra Drake in over 8,5% if they used Dragonqueen Alexstrasza :)

    No other deck has the percentage that high.

    The percentage should be 2,5% :)

    Not rigged!

    Also something I recognized in my arena runs, even though this can be completely random, but I love the fact :D
    Bought runs with real money: Average 10,3 wins in the last month.
    Gold bought runs: Average 6,2 wins in the last month.

    And a lot of lovely RNG in those runs, for me if bought with real money and vice versa.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to find out how many Legend players there are?
    Quote from Azzainthemist >>

    First season of new system i ended the season at approx 60k

     Holy shit. 
    Before the new system you were low legend at like 4-5k.

    Now there are way more than 60k. Insane.

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    posted a message on Wild is unplayable for me with the new rank system
    Quote from Tyk3 >>

    I have been told on many occassions over the last few months on these forums though that 'wild' is the great HS nirvana where us standard players who moan about stale metas and OP classes should go and play because you only see the same deck once in every 4 million games?

     That changed with the new system when you are in a high MMR. That is what OP is saying.
    There are still strong decks but especially on lower ranks lots of people try different decks, but high ranks are the same over and over.

    Low MMR is probably still the same.

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    posted a message on Which of this cheap highlander decks you think is more viable?

    The Hunter deck has a lot of the Dragon Interaction and could work until a certain point without a problem.

    But compared to the actual strong Highlander Hunter that is out there a lot of the board control stuff is missing, primarly through the interaction of Zixor Prime Buffed and Card Draw through the Rush minions. This is what makes it really strong. You can literally pull the cards you want out of your deck and buff them.

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    posted a message on [BG] Pirates Patch discussion

    As hsreplay shows you get the highroll deathrattle build or you can't win in most games. GG Blizzard. And Pirates.
    How to fuck up the one last good mode you created in a very short time.


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