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    posted a message on Why are they waiting so much?

    They wait because OP thinks something is op while it is not.

    Druid is Highroll and annoying, hell yes. Is it broken? Hell no. Does it even have an insane winrate? No, it dropped to 4th place today.
    Play counters. There are a lot.

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    posted a message on Ben Lee Talks About The Battle Pass And A Progression System

    Î mean, the system from the leak showed the rewards you would get. There were almost as many packs for the costs you would get from buying with gold + cosmetic stuff.

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    posted a message on Ben Lee Talks About The Battle Pass And A Progression System

    I love that you want to be able to play a game completely for free and not even want to spend anything at it.
    You even demand that you are able to play the game completely free and be able to be top notch.
    You know, you could play mobile games with tons of advertisement.
    Once you are grown up you might understand that companies don't give you stuff for free. If you get something for free it's a tactic to get money from those :)

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    posted a message on So the Bullies of this season are Druid, mage, and Paladin?
    Quote from Murl0c_Slayer >>
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Druid and paladin for sure, the two classes are beyond broken level now, Tier S and are playing in GOD mode with unstoppable undercosted insanely powerful cards, but mage? Not even close.

    I hope the nerfs don't take long before is too late to save the release of new cards.

     Mages counters pala and druid easily the otk deck needs just times until ppl figure how to tune the deck, at least will be tier 1 will see.

     And Priest counters both of them, too. People really need to chill so far.
    Yes, they are strong. But they are not broken and nearly undefeatable as some decks expansions before.
    Multiple decks performing pretty fine against them, Control Warriors.

    I even do fine with a self brew Demonhunter deck against druids at least. I don't know why, but it works. 

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    posted a message on Reputation vs Money

    You have nothing to do that you talk like that with yourself in a forum, right? Friends, family? 4chan for special people without that?


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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    If you are a Facehunter Player, just, i don't know, go diving but please forget oxygen.

    Especially if you are playing it in casual. I am sorry that you are probably a product of incest, but yeh, ther is a way out.



    I still hope there are so many people no longer working for Blizzard that designed so many cards in the last time.
    They simply proved they have no clue of card design and healthy card designs.

    Fuck cards like Zephrys. Fuck cards like the tools of Res Priest in Wild. 

    You could create one hell of a long list. 

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    posted a message on should i buy arena ticket?
    Quote from tripzplash >>
    Quote from KyloRenIsWeak87 >>

    so what happened?i started an arena run stopped at 2 losses new expansion came and i didnt get any refund?

     noting happen becouse noting chaged in arena

     Not true, the new expansion is in the rotation.
    Yet the run did not stop.

    They stopped their rotation system etc, whatever. Arena is probably already dead in development. I bet the new game mode will replace it once its released.

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    posted a message on First day of expansion and I am already salty
    Quote from AntonydusWurm >>

    i would bet quite a lot that blizzard is sick of the card and will put the mountseller on the nerflist as well, it's reign has been far too long

    the winrate isn't even that high surprisingly, still it brute forces an archetype almost completely on its own, which is just very bad. it's very similar to good old patron warrior: it wasn't that successful as a whole but in the hands of good players it's deadly beyond belief

    arguably the spell druid nonsense is very easy to play, so it's actually way much more of an offender imo

    sidenote: because of that, malygos should've been hall of famed years ago

     The problem with a nerf for the Mountseller is simply that it probably won't have that much of an impact if they simply higher the cost of her.
    The druid should spare their tons of 0 mana spells for the turn she is played. 

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    posted a message on Free Arena ticket?
    Quote from fasteddie26 >>

    Guessing no freebie because no ineligible cards since no rotation.

     A rotation was announced with the expac.

    It seems that Arena is simply damaged right now. Rarely a match will start.

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    posted a message on Arena wait times

    Is it possible they already locked the purchase of new runs because the Expansion is coming to an end this evening?
    That's what they did last time and might lead to less players right now in arena.

    But this smells more like a new bug than anything else.

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    posted a message on Arena wait times

    Never experienced the same issue on EU, too.
    Never had longer queues than maybe 10 seconds, and I played a lot arena in the last time. But I don't play off time, deep in the night etc.
    Mabye that is the problem?

    But I mean, 14 hours ago is your post OP, that's not an off time.
    Maybe they have some problems with the matchmaking there.

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    posted a message on Abusive players

    Do you have a low self esteem that you actually feel attacked about this? These are people having anger issues or mental problems.
    I LOVE to get added from them. If they are willing to trade some more insults you can put the finger in the wound even more with every sentence.

     And I actually think the insult from OP is kinda funny :D

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    posted a message on Potion of Illusion

    Streamers pulled this off multiple times now, but the Antonidas Combo is not even the strongest.

    Mozaki, Master Duelist is the synergy card for this. One Arcane Missile for over 30 was already played etc.

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    posted a message on Which decks are you most hyped about?

    I would not say hyped, but kinda scared. 
    Seeing the streamer games it seems that OTK Mage gonna be the Tier S deck, even new Combo Breaking tools could not really stop them.
    It was so easy for them to pull of insane combos with Mozaki, Master Duelist, they could protect themself against aggro decks easily until they could pull out that combo. 

    Potion of Illusion and Mozaki, Master Duelist are the MVP cards imo.
    I bet they gonna nerf Sorcerer's Apprentice sooner or later as we know blizzards style of tuning :D

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Corona must have been created to wipe all aggro players, especially crackbabies called Facehunter.

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